Received pre preorder email



Good for you! What’s your backer #?

Preorders! Lol, I need sleep.


I hope they fix their abortion of a website before pre orders go live


Not a backer, wasn’t into VR last year. Strongly considering pre order. I want the best vr experience, I’m just not sure about Pimax yet. Reading reviews and forums daily :grinning:


Wise move, waiting. What would be ideal, is if there was a place where you could try each of the current HMDs. Could be just a few main cities, evenly spread out throughout the country. Actually, major towns would be better. I am no fan of cities during the daytime.

I wonder if any of the real world stores have done anything like that.

I have to say that this wide FoV takes some beating. Even with other HMDs beating the Pimax on other things, they lose for me overall, due to the Pimax’s FoV. Plus, I can wear the thing for hours without feeling ill at all. BIG PLUS!