[Received Tracking Number]Any Update for UK Backers?



You’re right, must have been “deem” then. 4 days ago.


Who is “deem”?..


I’m already extremely annoyed that other EU backers with numbers up as far as 6000’s have been getting their’s before 1-2000’s UK. They all ship out of the UK so there is absolutely no excuse for it.


The person you cannot be faulted for not remembering.


backer 7142 on reddit. i really hope UK deliveries start again next week.

somehow i doubt it. just more obfuscation from Liemax.

“your headset ship soon, please patient”


Definitely liemax, when they stated that you would receive your headset Jan 2018. Lmao.


Well look on the bright side guys, the headsets we are getting will have been through the new automated calibration hardware they added to their QA process recently. The housing material used will be from the new supplier and the level of experience of the guy putting your HMD together will be more practised. Yes it is not ideal, I cannot really complain.
I dislocated and fractured my shoulder two weeks ago so VR is not really something I could enjoy right now. I am wavering if going for the 5k+ really was the best choice given the the increased fault rate compared to the 8k.
That being said I intend on purchasing OLED RGB strip panels of the same Hz, dimensions and resolution when they eventually become available and replacing the CLPL screens. Something you cannot do with the 8k given its unorthodox pixel arrangement.


Is all i have to say about this topic


please post if you find oled rgb screens that will swap , I would have a go at that


I will do, you need to buy in bulk from manufacturers. So it would be a case of taking the gamble, buying minimum bulk amount, testing for failed units and then selling on the excess functional units to people here on the forums. OLED panel fail rates are pretty crazy (around 30-40%).


Cool i believe the ones I updated titles was between feb 2 & feb 6


Possibly a firmware hack/mod might fix.


The other issue could require a firmware hack/mod as the panel id is not likely to match up.


Yep last i read 1 in 4 panels are good.


If the panels are the same interface type, dimensions, resolution and pixel arrangement they will quite literally be plug and play given the input matrix should be identical. Lining up the panels physically to have them in the correct position is another matter and one I think will need some interesting solution to ensure that.


Hope your right. But this I believe may still require firmware hack. Sure the Bridgechip will be compatible but doesn’t the headset firmware need to be configured? (Don’t know why I ask)


It simply drives a signal to the displays, the model of the display does not need to be the same. It just needs to be able to handle the same input type. Many electronic devices use slightly different components as the manufacturer may have more than one supplier for a component or manufacturing optimisations are made over time.

I believe that even as it stands presently the screens for the 5K+ come from more than a single manufacturer, no one has done a tear-down to confirm this though (we would need a few people to volunteer).

You get some manufacturers that go to extra lengths to make sure you do not interchange standard components. Sony and Microsoft do this with their console systems, they have a serial number lock in the bios on the main board that is configured to work with only the exact components it is assembled with. You could not interchange parts easily unless you flashed the bios. They even started coating components in resin on the PCB to stop modifications being made. In cases I replaced parts where the fault was mechanical in nature I would retain the driver board on the old disc drive for example and insert it into the new one.


Yeah I have observed flashing firmwares on MS consoles ie disc drives.

That’s cool & good to know.

I know @sjefdeklerk did a pretty good teardown of his 5k+ but stopped due to risky ribbon cables. But was able to demonstrate the firmware poke of identified displays found there didn’t match up with the part product number of display panel.

In that respect it would be interesting if pimax is using the Analogix bridgechip version that could be swapped to the new version this year.

If panel is the same size in the 5k+ & connectors match the Razer Phone’s igloo Qhd 120hz hdr lcd panels would be cool to explore.


I would be dubious about using LCD, the motion to photon latency becomes a bit more of a problem there, if I am going to make the effort and risk damage to the HMD it will need to be for that OLED upgrade. I might look at possible solutions for a ghetto diffusion filter on the panels too, but that would likely be a lot more troublesome. Buy 20 different screen protectors and then measure the differences in their refractive properties under a high magnification camera.

The interesting thing will be is how the HMD will handle the reduced power draw from using OLED panels, this is what worries me the most tbh.


I would imagine the Razer phone screens should be good with that being hdr & 120hz. Igoo transistors are also more responsive (likely best for oled tbh)

But yeah with sj’s teardown eval you’d want to likely only do it once.

Igloo also could be an issue with reduced power draw.