[Received Tracking Number]Any Update for UK Backers?



Ok and this


So…anyone in the UK received theirs (or any update) yet? The 8-10 days for the supposed shipping time to the UK warehouse that we were told expired mid last week. We were also told there wouldn’t be any holdups, regardless of the CNY, as the courier was apparently given all delivery information before the shutdown…so where are our headsets? We’re now about 13 days after you told us the headsets were only 8-10 days away from being delivered to the UK @PimaxUSA …so what excuse are you going to invent this time? I can deal with being patient, but I can’t stand being repeatedly lied to.


Being in ireland i will probably be the last person to get their 5k. XD


I think it will be us poor buggers in Australia :pleading_face:


Still nothing. Not a peep from DPD and nothing from Pimax. An update would be nice.


Come on Pimax ,what’s happening?


Haven’t heard a peep.


No reply to email or updates here


Still no joy for me. Hopefully will receive tracking this week from DPD. I can but hope! :slight_smile:


There has been min of 4 :uk: backers that have received durimg CNY. 2 were Titled yesterday.


Still nothing on my end, should be this week if everything said was true.


I have updated titles on 1 to 2 Australians during CNY.


That’s good news, but we were told that all the 5k+ headsets for backers here in the UK were on the same shipment (second time we’ve been told this, but the first time they then used them all as replacements and didn’t inform us)…so where are everyone else’s? According to PimaxUSA, mid last week was the latest they should have arrived, so why is it taking them another week just to put it on a van? Obviously, someone from Pimax was talking bullshit, I’d just like to know what the truth actually is .


Or the lovely postal service is behind clearing packages. Just because a bulk shipment was sent doesn’t mean all will be received simultaneously. It’s not email. Just be patient hopefully things start pucking up speed this week on shipping & receiving.


well its after 8pm in china so no news from them on monday i guess


I start into the 4th week of waiting, german backer


I’ve been patient. Even if you post second class with the postal service here, you’ll get it within max 3 days. Backlogs don’t last a week. I’ve been waiting for over a year since they first promised to deliver this, I can do patient. Being continually lied to however is a different story. I’m past believing the bullshit excuses they’ve continually come out with, I want an explanation as if everything they said was true with the latest shipment, every UK backer would have received their headset by today even if it took the maximum amount of time shipping here and if it took and extra 3 days of ‘backlog’ clearing (which is extremely unlikely if they’re using DPD as they claim to be). All I’m after is the truth.


Well lthen a little longer isn’t so bad. DPD hasn’t been that great for a few Backers. One had his headset delivered to his compost bin & another DPD screwed him over & sent it back claiming they tried to deliver(he verified address 3x).

So your premise is not warranted; no offence.


Well I havnt :sleepy::sleepy:
Backer 1298 ,promised the earth 4 weeks ago


I’m not having a go at you, I hope that’s clear as I don’t want to come across that way, it’s Pimax I’m mad at, but exactly how is my ‘premise’ not warranted when 13 days ago we were told every UK headset would be delivered to the UK in 8-10 days and we still don’t have so much as a tracking number. Also, DPD is fine, I’ve used them many times without issue. Adding to that, my delivery address is a business address with a reception that will receive packages 24/7 so it’s not that they’ve tried to deliver it and I wasn’t in. Also, they’ve still not offered any explanation or apology as to why UK backer’s in 1XXX’s had their headsets used as replacements while 3-5XXX+ backers across Europe received theirs (which pass through the UK warehouse). In fact, they only admitted to doing that after we asked them where they were last time they promised everyone’s headset was on the latest shipment to the UK, back in the middle of January. Just wanting to know what their latest excuse is this time.