[Received Tracking Number]Any Update for UK Backers?



DPD arnt like the local postal service, they usually are on the ball


Here here, just give us more lies keep us quiet a few more days


The Gentleman whom recently had DPD screw over his Delivery was a business address.

I do appreciate your frustration. Either way need to be patient like anything will take the time it takes.

In theory as min 4 :uk: ers have received all should have & the same can be said about each region like Australia, US etc… But it’s not so. Shipping is still trickling along.


@PimaxUSA can you please update on the 8-10 days for UK backers.

are we days / weeks / months away?


@PimaxUSA yes please can you update us please?


Like I said, I’m fine with being patient, it’s 13 months overdue after all and that’s not what I have an issue with. What I’m not happy about is repeatedly being given a time-frame on delivery just for it to turn out to have been a total lie.


@Dallas.Hao @Matthew.Xu how about an update of some sort? Thank you.


The frustration is the silence.

The Pimax team just had a week off. In that time they must of expected to answer the question on their return. What is the status of the UK backers?

How much trouble is it to phone the UK warehouse and ask ‘did you get a shipment in the last 7 days?’

The fact that they just don’t care grates. Because if they cared we wouldn’t be left dangling like this.

Are they still on the way, on a plane, on a boat, at customs, at the warehouse, with DPD?

Christ they must be somewhere along that chain, we just want to know where. Knowing nothing is worse than knowing something.


Indeed not sure why all the other regions like Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, etc haven’t started one of these threads.

Just give them a day to get back into tthe swing of things. Emails & phone calls still take time to read & get requested info from outside sources.


Sorry to inform you, but you should expect to never receive a tracking number. I received my headset on the 29th of last month and still have yet to receive a tracking number.

If I do at this point I’d find it to be pretty hilarious, though.


Are you in the UK I take it?


I’m not, but from what I’ve gathered no one is receiving tracking numbers for their headsets (until after they arrive). I’m glad I signed up with UPS mychoice as they informed me that the package was on its way when the shipping label was created.


Most in EU did recieve tracking through dpd


Ah okay. I know some UK backers had received a tracking notification from DPD last week saying they were waiting to receive the packages in order to dispatch them, so hopefully it’s a different situation here. I have an existing DPD account with the related name, email and delivery address that has many similar deliveries tracked perfectly on it, but there’s a big fat nothing showing atm :frowning:


Fair enough, although I’m fairly certain it would be the shippers responsibility to provide tracking, not the postal service. I know for a fact I’ve seen multiple posts here on the forums from people in the UK who said their package was delivered by DPD and they never received tracking.

In either case, sucks that they are still giving UK backers the run around. I hope this is all over for you all soon.


I just installed the dpd mobile app , optimistic tendencies
I will check it every day for deliveries


Have been doing that for three weeks :sob:


If i enter my home-adress in this app, will there be some sort of notification even if i dont have any tracking number. Like UPS MyChoice in the US ?


Still waiting on my headset.

Greetings from Germany!


i installed it on same hope. it shows i have nothing scheduled. QQ