[Received Tracking Number]Any Update for UK Backers?



Your suspen tickets and tracking No right here


I read that that was the case and it links deliveries to address / email or phone number


Wow. You have serious Photoshop skills. The masking around the fingers must have been difficult.


Turns out Tyrion was backer no 4


looking forward to seeing some dpd notification posts here


current uk outlook is @Dallas.Hao


What’s all this about tracking numbers??? When did you guys receive them? panic
Spreadsheet says my headset is “On the way”.


Hi , can prety please kick your chums up their butts for me ?
And find out where our HMD’S are?


Why bother looking into what the holdup is for everyone or, if you know already, informing everyone there’s been some kind of delay and what the updated timescale is (or just giving literally any relevant information tbh), when you can just ignore all that and just comment on a meme instead, am I right? Nice display of the top quality customer service we’ve already come to expect from Pimax. Hope you guys are having a good chuckle to yourselves in the office over that one. Any chance of getting an actual answer as to what the latest holdup is any time soon instead of being completely blanked?



Could you please just take your phone, call the UK warehouse and ask what is going on ?
It s 15:00pm in UK, so you will have a chance to get some information.
If you can’t or if you are too busy, feel free to give me the number and I’ll call them myself.



an update would be appreciated - thanks.


Presumptions are always best vs reality that info is not likely known yet.


@PimaxUSA could you please help us out it seems not one backer in the EU has had a reply,not being unreasonable we just want a straight answer.This radio silence isn’t good.Have the uk warehouse recieved or have any idea when our headsets will be forwarded.not getting any answers from china


You can’t ring the UK warehouse, you have to send a Meme before they respond.


All cargo is traceable and tracked these days , they will know where the consignment is


You’d think that. I recently spent an hour listening to “Your call is important & will be answered by the next available representative”

If you recall a shipment was misplaced & the team had asked backers to let them know when they received as the courier’s info was not updated with accurate info. Believe that was late Nov early Dec after folks complained about CN services.

I have had similar issues at times with Canada Post.


We’re talking about a lot of headsets £££££££ here , there is no way that pimax cannot track them


Depends what shipping method they used.


Don’t think they send a million £ into the blue without tracking where they are ie on ship/in port etc
don’t think so


Not really here is a bad one. lol

The masking of the fingers is easy but if the delivery takes any longer i will become a Photoshop Guru :joy:.