Remaining 8K to 5K+ Backers Waiting Thread



Ok, I’ll start off. Original backer numbers only please. #6788, original 8K to 5K+ backers only please. Current spreadsheet states as shipped. I have no tracking number and no scheduled deliveries via UPS or FedEx. Location in San Antonio, Texas USA. @PimaxUSA @PimaxVR @Pimax-Support


#31xx, my 8K was delivered over a week ago, but I still haven’t received a tracking number. :crazy_face:


I received my tracking number 2-3 weeks after delivery.


#56xx, from Germany … waiting… no tracking number :sob:


is there any news on the 8k are they send ot not,still waiting here!! !!

@Dallas.Hao @Sean.Huang


What about an update?


45xx no Information :face_vomiting:


new owner of pledge nr.4652 since April 2018 … never had an update…


#34xx, from korea, no tracking number…;(


So five of us on the list so far. On par with average for lost, stolen, misplaced or mishandled, weather delayed, damaged in transit. etc. Just keep posting that yours is not delivered yet. It’s all we can do. Does EU have local support group yet? Embarrassing as everything else i order shows up with no issues. Even my eufycam from kickstarter. arrived when they said it would.


still nothing… and the vr store here in holland has the 8k on stock


? How could that be?


#300, from Germany … waiting… no tracking number :sob:


What store ??? 20 characters


backer 6248 in england still waiting not even any tracking yet


It however says on their website it is a preorder.


It’s π day, you’d think we would’ve heard something.


StkNRdr r u still waiting for a 5K+? What’s ur backer no., whats the current spreadsheet say? Where in the US r u located? Storms across the midwest have disrupted much, but we cannot say this is why ur unit is not in your hands yet. UPS would not help me without a tracking no. Even though I should be in the system.


Well, another weekend here and I still have no Pi. No tracking number, and no scheduled deliveries from UPS or FedEx. Thought they would send a tracking no., but none yet. Buller?


Backer 450x still waiting no tracking number…