Removing Lenses?



Has anyone had success recently with a good process for removing lenses?

I’ve had some serious issues with my XR’s messed up lenses, and supposedly some new ones will be shipped to me (though at this point I expect I’ll get them a month late)

I tried using a suction cup, but the lenses appear to be stuck pretty tightly, I believe by some form of adhesive

Wanted to see if others have dealt with this and can walk me through how to accomplish this without destroying the headset


Suction cup should work. I used one that has a lever to increase suction.

@SweViver performed this in his review after the nda.


Keep in mind that always when removing something that is glued down, patience is your friend.

I haven’t removed a p8k/5k lens, but generally, regardless of whether you use only a suction cup, only a spudger/knife/other prying tool, or both: Lift up at one edge/corner with a moderate amount of force, and just hold that gentle pull, steadily, waiting for the glue to peel along the rim in its own time.


Did you order a specific suction cup I could find?


I did see Sweviver doing it but his came out with almost no resistance


I’m not sure if a suction cup would work, since there’s glue around the edges. I used a knife, but be gentle or else you’ll scratch the lenses. Also be very careful that when the lenses come off, the glue doesn’t get on the lenses, because it’s quite difficult to remove it 100% without any staining (speaking from experience here, LOL)


Nothing Special. It’s one that suctions to a wall to hang things. But will take a bit of force. With new lenses you will likely need a couple of small dabs of thin black silicone or a couple of narrow double sided tape if lenses have no adhesive.

Another pic.


Luckily the lenses that go out are already messed up, and the ones going in won’t be in an HMD so cutting is actually a pretty viable approach


Get something thin like a knife, gently lift one edge while pulling with the suction cup, once it starts to free up with the knife at the edge it will come out with just the suction cup.


Huge thanks to everyone in this thread – I was able to successfully pop off my lenses with ease given some help from Heliosurge… it’s actually surprisingly easy once I figured out where to place it + how to brace the headset / what force to expect.

The trick for me was place it near the inside edge of the lens, wrap a cord around the hook, press at the back of the lens and brace the headset at the same time.

Then they just pop cleanly off – and they slide right into place without adhesive (at least for me) due to some of the surrounding plastic / rubber.

Which then allowed me to swap my XR lenses with my + lenses, no hiccups… so while I wait for my replacement lenses I can still use both headsets perfectly.

Super stoked that after almost 3 weeks I can finally get into my XR!


My bad should have mentioned I placed suction cup at inner part of lense near nose.


Yes the trick is to try and lift the lens at the side, don’t try and lift them straight out. :wink::sunglasses:


Yes, I definitely should add this topic to my favorites :beers:
I have a little bit of debris under the lenses.
And he doesn’t bother me absolutely and I don’t see him.
But it will be necessary to remove sometime.

I do not understand where the garbage comes from, but it was there initially.


Same in my 5K+. It was there when I received it but it doesn’t bother me when in VR… :wink:


Heh, I have been contemplating sourcing some of that “Black 3.0” paint, and try to coat the inside of the eye tubes and the corners of the screen of an HMD with it, to see whether that has any effect at all on its amount of glare. Such paint, like the “vertically aligned nanotube array” extremely unreflective surface treatment it tries to mimick, supposedly flakes to a ridiculous degree - probably especially if applied to slick plastic surfaces, so that would no doubt soon result in an HMD full of “soot”. Still curious. :stuck_out_tongue: