Removing the shutter glass


EDIT Supposedly LCD emits 3x more bluelight than OLED. If you are worried about this, then do not remove the filters ! Do so on your own risk !

I know some people have removed the blue light filter to get a brighter image. Supposedly this really improves the picture quality. But how to do it ? I’ve opened up my pimax and there are these round glass parts between the display and the lenses, but they’re connected with some electronics cable. Should we just disconnect that and take them off ? Or should we somehow try to remove the filter from the glass ?

Hopefully anyone who did this can explain.

EDIT brightness codes for the debug tool:

all levels:

Low_level2 :10033002
Low_level1: 10033001
Level_normal: 10033000
High_level1: 10033011
High_level2: 10033036

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Woah I just did it, you can just remove the filters by disconnecting the cable (first remove the 2 rubbers on top and then just slowly pull out the cables).

Man this is a really nice improvement, the image is so crispy and clear now !!


Isnt that a bit bad for ur eyes?


Stop this @ once.

Don’t make me do it…


Well show me one android google that has a blue light filter. You don’t hear anything about those ? Neither does the vive or oculus have it. In fact the Pimax is the only one that has it I think. And it seems half baked too. The idea was that if you select ‘cool colours’ that the filter get enabled. Most people will have that off, so the filter doesn’t even work. It just darkens the image.

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LOL, seriously, try it, you’ll thank me later :wink: Just make sure you do NOT connect the headset while you have it open ! Then the intrusion detection will kick in and you will need to email me to ask for my hack to get the device enabled again :wink:


I’ve actually set my brightness to level low 1 (so a level below ‘normal’), because at level normal it almost seems too high.

But man this is as HUGE improvement, I seriously don’t know why PIMAX inserted these filters, when they mess up the screen so much !


Is it easy to do? Is it harsh on the eyes?


The hardest part seems to not get any dust on your lenses and LCD, I now have a little spot so I’m going to open mine again tomorrow. I’ll also see if I can shoot some pics. But apart from that, it’s quite easy if you don’t have 2 left hands that is.

I don’t think it’s too harsh on the eyes, as long as you don’t use anything above normal brightness.


Please, make some instructions of opening and removing them


What version of piplay do you use? The latest version has a significant improvement on color. The 1.1.94 version has washed out colors but some people need that version for other reasons. So I wonder what the color effect is compared with 1.1.94 and the latest 1.2.33.

Can you check and report on that for us?


Unbelievable, you are so great and congratulations. Many people tried it but it failed. I will take courage and try.


Humh well you don’t hold ur phone away from ur eyes at 5 cm + magnifying glass… anyway. Can you make a youtube video maybe tutorial? Seems like crazy good inprovement…


Actually I was wrong above, the blue light filter IS enabled by default, you can disable it by selecting ‘cold colour mode’ as explained in this topic:

However even if you disable the electronic part, the physical filter is of course still there and still makes everything look really dull.

I’ll post some pics later on how to remove the filter.


Please post the pics and if you can do a before and after, that would be rewarded with an e-handy.

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Ok I’ve just cleaned the LCD and the lenses and shot some pics that might help you out.

Some general suggestions:

  1. I don’t know if this can harm your eyes. I guess if you want to use the headset for prolonged time, then you should not do this. Then again, I never heard anyone complaining using google cardboard and a LCD phone (which this basically is) and none of them have the filter.
  2. You will void your guarantee
  3. Make sure you disconnect the headset !! If it’s connected while it’s open, then the firmware will detect it and will disable your device. If this happens, send me a PM, I have a hack to get you back online :wink:
  4. A few different screw types are used, I suggest to keep them separated and label them so you know which screws went where.

First I suggest to use this video as the basis on how to open the PIMAX, it shows the screw locations and everything:

  1. Remove head strap

  2. Pull off the foam

  3. Remove front cover like in the video (just 2 screws)

  4. Remove the rubber layer like in the video (couple of screws)

  5. Now you will be left with this:

    There are 4 screws that keep everything together. Also if you assemble it again, first put those two plastic parts together and then insert the core part with the LCD screen from the back and screw them together again with those 4 screws.

  6. Now the core part can be taken out:

  7. You can remove the lenses with the 3 screws each, but you don’t need to. You need to remove the whole upper part from the lower part. You can see in this photo where the screws were that you need to remove in order to open it up:

(in the above photo, I’ve already taken out the filters)

  1. The filters are connected with cables to the mainboard and they look like the last photo of this post. On the connector they’ve put some black tape to keep it from making contact with the mainboard. Remove the black tape. After that you can slowly and gently pull out the cables. Put some new tape on top to make sure again that it doesn’t make contact with the mainboard. In this photo you can see the green tape I’ve used:

  2. Clean the LCD and the lenses carefully. If you leave even a tiny bit of dust, you will see it later on and it will disturb you. So take your time to clean them well.

  3. Now you assemble everything again in reverse order. Take your time. Make sure the cables aren’t getting stuck and that the LCD cable didn’t get disconnected (you can connect it again if it did, it’s quite easy, just push it on softly and after it clicks put on a bit more pressure to make sure it really connects). There’s also another mainboard data cable that might have gotten disconnected, check it all.

That’s it ! As you can see on how black the filter is:

you can imagine how much the screen improves after you’ve taken them out :slight_smile: It really feels like a whole new headset ! No more dull screen, but crispy and clear like it should be ! I personally feel the whole VR experience comes much more alive without those filters.

Last note: I’m now running with brightness set to low_level_1, so that’s 1 level below ‘normal’. But I guess normal works fine too. Just don’t use anything higher than normal. See the brightness topic for the codes to change the brightness.

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thanks for this post :wink:


I was deeply impressed. Thank you for the great information.
I already informed the Korean VR community about this information.


Thank you! How do your peepers feel after a long sesh?


I do believe they feel a bit more tired. But man, the image quality is just WAY too good, no way I’m switching back, LOL, I’m enjoying VR so much more now.