Removing the shutter glass


so there is “dangerous to eyes” blue light which LCD emits 3 x more [ compared to OLED ] which is why Pimax has this filter -> so seems a little risky in longer perspective removing it.
[ Mobile phone doesn`t need such filter since you are watching it from a safe distance and from time to time = not as close to eyes all the time in VR…]

also why to remove if “cool colors” option is available in menu - safe and correcting this effect in SW ?
for me colors are OK compared to Vive/CV1 = or even better as default [ no SDE ].
not mentioning the tricky blocking / higher frequency / less ghosting - display technique, so if you remove = worse VR immersion experience.

No - I won`t probably risk and try this.


No. The ‘filter’ is not a blue light filter, it’s really just a shutterglass. The blue light protection pimax has is the ‘cool colours’ option, which is disabled by default so that there’s less bluelight. It’s just like modern monitors usually have as an option.

It also makes no sense to install a filter if you can just dim the panel and adjust blue light electronically, why would you install an extra sunglass ?

Of course, since any shutterglass always is dark, like a sunglass, it dims brightness and in that way your eyes will receive less blue light, so if you look at it like that, yes it lessens blue light. But again, if that was Pimax’s goal, they could have just dimmed the panel electronically.

There still is a health reason though why you, at this moment, could prefer the shutterglass: low_level_2 is still brighter without filter than ‘level_normal’ with filter and there is no lower level configurable at the moment.

I’ve thought about adding it but it’s difficult without having the panel’s datasheet.


If you stared into a bright lcd you all day you could hurt your eyes, but the real issue with “blue light” is that there are certain wavelengths of light in the blue area of the spectrum that the sun puts out that LED, LCD, and OLED can put out that our body reacts to by making hormones and inhibiting others, like melatonin, regulate sleep cycles. Many devices and even in windows you can get programs that will inhibit the blue light part of the spectrum in the evening hours so you can sleep better. This is more of an issue, although it is a reality that if you stare at a very bright screen an inch away under magnification you may hurt your rods or cones, but there really is not a whole lot of research on this yet. Some are concerned that this may result in macular degeneration later in ones life, which means blindness.


In how far this would damage your eyes, I’m not sure, more clinical evidence is needed. I’m just saying Pimax didn’t put the shutter glasses in to protect your eyes. If we could lower the brightness to level_low_3 then using this without shutter glasses would not be more harmful than using it with level_normal with shutter glasses.


On mine pimax i see someting diference.Without shutters glass screen is more vivid and gosting completely disappeared but now is very blurring when i moving head around.This blurring looks like on any headset VR with average phone screen.I was put this shutters back becose i like screen withouth blurring.Ghosting is not that big problem for me and high level2 with shutters is almost same vivid like low level2 without shutters


It seems we’re using different definitions. Ghosting to me is the process of a pixel changing from colour A to colour B. The shutter glasses diminishes the visibility of this process by simply not showing the whole transition but blackening out part of it.


Is it easy to do? Is it harsh on the eyes?


@Heliosurge checkout


I have some glasses similar bought at The Source for $20 canadian.


I’ve Gunnar, bought them 10 years ago for about $80


I surmise that Night driving glasses do the same


The pineal gland reacts to blue light leading to changes in hormon levels like melatonin and growthhormons. Causing changes in sleepbehavior and increased stress levels, headaches, …

The shutterglass works maybe as bluelight filter, we probably cant see a yellow tint as they are to dark. Actually some official details on how the pimax optics are layered would be quite helpful to understand where or if the shutter is the bluelight filter. And if the shutter is used as an antifog system, which could explain the missing heat when they are removed.

Will probably try this and some other mods in the next weeks, could actually make some tests


It does, kind of. It just lowers the brightness, so it lowers all colours including blue. I don’t think it lowers blue more than the rest though, if that’s what you mean.

Pimax implemented a software ‘safety’ against bluelight, with the ‘blue colours’ option in the Piplay software. This just lowers the blue colour setting in the display panel.

The thing is though removing this shutter glass brings 3 disadvantages:

  1. Even “low_level_2” without the shutter glass is too bright IMHO. It’s brighter than high_level_2 WITH shutter glass
  2. The shutter glass primary task is to diminish ghosting, which actually works well. So remove it and you will have more ghosting
  3. The shutter glass kind of masks imperfections. Behind the glass you just get a less sharp picture. While this sounds bad, it actually brings the advantage of masking SDE: without the glass SDE becomes more noticeable.

The advantages are of course that the brightness and the WAY more vivid colours are fun to enjoy. I was very happy at first but I think to really enjoy it Pimax should introduce even a lower brightness setting.


My prescription glasses have a blue filter designed for LCD monitor use so it blocks those wavelengths. They are clear, not yellow.


For me the best results we can have if not removing shutter glass just only unplug this from electronic part then we have more vivid screen but not as strong as without shutters and better than high level 2 with shutters glass.There is one cost of this image blurry when fast move head around but the same effect blurry we have when we remove the shutter glass completely.


If glass filters explicitly blue light then there should be a yellow tint. Your prescription glasses probably have UV filter like mine. If you would have got them prescribed for alot of work on PCs then they actually should have a yellow tint afaik.

How bad is SDE?Does it reduce your immersion that much, isn’t it worth the sharpness and colors?

And what about blur and ghosting? How bad is it?

I actually use “fog driving” glasses with my pimax it has the same specification like the gunnar glasses, but you get the for like 5 bucks and they worth it. Use them alot when I’m playing for a long time or at night. You can feel the diffrence instantly when you put them on.

I wish the developers would add more brightness setting or at least move the ones we have more apart. Low2 should be even lower and so on.
Then it would be quite interesting to get the overdrive setting for the display unlocked/make availabe if possible. Ghosting appears when the overdrive setting is set to high, if we would have control over it we could choose if we want a faster low latency picture with ghosting or a slower more blurry but without ghosting.


As @sjefdeklerk explained the. Blue light protection has to do with the Panel settings (Turn cool colors off) is part of that scheme.

The shudder glass is used to overcome/mask limitations using lcd panel. It will however as an added benefit help reduce all possible damaging light spectrum by giving your eyes a nano breaks from starring into a screen.

Gamers are often observed forgetting to blink.


Here are. The gamer glasses

The Amber color of the glasses is used to improve the picture. (night driving glasses do the same to brighten things up)


About glasses -Amber / yellow tint glasses have higher blue light ‘protection %’ than clear type, I believe.

@Heliosurge Those glasses look good I will check into those.


Keep in mind if you read the gamers glasses the amber serves to help improve visual quality.

The blue light filtering might be mostly clear.