Removing the shutter glass


Is anyone still using this mod ? I think I’m going to remove the shutter glasses again. Ive just also modded the firmware to allow for even lower brightness, since low_level_2 seems still quite bright without the shutters. If anyone interested in the modded FW, let me know


I removed the shutter glasses too and lowered the brightness to level 2, then I just adjust the brightness inside the game config, but I would really appreciated if you can share it with me that FW and how to apply it since the lastest Piplay does not have command line.



Currently I’ve just modded v248 of the firmware, I’ve reversed myself to piplay v1.1.92.

I’d need a download location for v265 of the firmware, I couldnt find any but havent searched very well yet.


I consider it dangerous and I think you should not do it.
If there is a filter, some reason must exist for this, otherwise we would only have the option to increase or decrease the brightness, WITHOUT filtering required, and this would reduce somewhat the product final cost, after all, if the HDM uses LCD, I imagine the lamps emit some kind of radiation, just like televisions.
Remember: LCD TVs also have filters to minimize possible damage to our eyes.


I put the shutter glass back yesterday because with the new versions of Piplay there is too much blur. If they solve the blur problems I will remove the shutter glass again because there is a huge difference and it is better without it.


It’s not a ‘filter’. It’s an active shutter to diminish ghosting. See what Acaro just posted, it actually works quite well for that.

But regarding safety, I wonder if it’s not better for your eyes to remove the filter and then lower brightness. Keep in mind that with the active shutter you’re having fired WAY more energy at your eyes. Of course the shutter glass will block some of that but isn’t it better to not have it send that energy out in the first place ?


The blue light protection is mainly done on panel optimizations.

The shudder glass’ primary purpose is to mask the limitations of the lcd panel to allow panel to reach optimal saturation. (Essentially it is part of the 4k’s customized low persistence)

The blanking effect imo is also used to trick the brain into believing its seeing a higher fps then is being rendered. Also gives mini breaks from staring into a display. (likely why able to wear longer without fatigue). The 5k/8k i beleive achieves this by controllering the backlight to “flicker”.

Without the shudder glass the display will indeed be brighter as the shudder glass when active/clear is not crystal clear.

Another effect is increased smearing/blur.

Gamer/nightdriving or polarized glasses will improve visual effect to some degree.


I honestly do not know if it is safe to remove, I am basing myself on everything I have read up to now about fluorescent light bulbs in LCD TVs, but I can not imagine any other reason why an LCD HDM screen has a “filter” (as you said it is not exactly a filter, I used quotation marks) to reduce brightness? (brightness = radiation).
Pimax 4K use LED lamp to get illumination on LCD?


Before Pimax 4K, I used my Xperia Z5 Premium (same 4K panel) with google cardboad for watching movies and I still seeing, Of course that you had to bring down brightness not for hurting your eyes instead of seeing clarity. IMO you can safety take out those shutter glasses and you really gain a lot of clarity.


Okay, but we do not know in the long run.
An ocular degenerative process does not necessarily come quickly, it can take years, and we speak about the first generation HDMs, we become “guinea pigs” that reward scientists.
I imagine that retinal damage will become explicitly noticeable after prolonged use, 5 or 10 years.


The reason, again, is to diminish ghosting. It’s a low persistence implementation, if you cut of half of the frame time then the motion blur diminishes, that’s what it does. That’s the whole reason the shutter glasses are there. Not to protect your eyes. That wouldn’t make any sense neither, why not directly diminish brightness ?


Anyway, here’s my modded FW for the v248 version.!fFYQVbib!6Yrgfdg7EB4rCvuNcnv-57cZyPFeLlqU7pNI-2JFIts

See the brightness codes in the beginning of the topic. I’ve changed only the high1 and high2, they’ve now become ultralow1 and ultralow2. So after flashing my FW, for lowest brightness use 10033036 in the debug tool.

If you use this with any of the latest piplay versions then it will automatically flash v265, so I suggest to use it with v1.1.92.

Maybe I’ll do it for v265 of the FW too but I’d need to find a download location first.

Pimax Competition: other HMD's

I have no idea.
I’m using TVs as a reference.
I do not know how my eyes will react to using HDM for several hours/day over the next 5 years.
Only time will tell if there is risk or not to spend 4 hours with an LCD screen a few inches from my eyes.


But that’s the same with the shutter glass in place. In fact it might be riskier due to way higher brightness setting.


I’m assuming that the engineers behind the Pimax 4K probably understand optics much better than I do, so I’d rather not remove parts that might be “inconvenient” for me. I’m a guinea pig, I know that, but I’d rather trust the scientist instead of improvising.
“When disassembling and reassembling the car engine , no bolt can be left.” :wink:

Just my opinion, I suggested that you do not make de modification, but does not mean that I want to convince you about this, it is only genuine concern about your health, see me as a good ignorant. :wink:


I appreciate that you’re worried about my health. But again, understand that:

  1. With the shutter glass in place the brightness is set way higher, so way more energy is coming towards your eyes
  2. You’re then relying on the shutter glass to bounce some of that energy back

While in my opinion it makes way much more sense to just lower the energy coming to your eyes.

But to each their own.


I remember some kind of flashing every 30-20 min to clean the fog over lens … I think that flashing was more “dangerous”


I understood every word you typed and the context of everything.
If it is risky in both ways,(after all, we do not know the effects of HDM in the long run), and “low brightness” is not a problem for me, on the contrary, I see everything very well in Pimax, I see no reason to keep arguing, I did not want to create controversy, only to expose my opinion (wrong or not) in the face of a long-term incognita.


I think you misunderstood why I’m doing this mod. The net effect in terms of brightness is zero because I lower the brightness a lot. But the colours are much better and you see a lot more depth in the overall picture because of that.

The bigger smearing though is really THE downside …


I like the colors in my HDM.