Removing the shutter glass


ok i tested my theory with the filter acting like a polarising filter and i can confirm it is infact true.

when the filter is held infront of a screen and turned to the right the filter gets darker until completely blacked out. now when it sits in the 4k the ribbon section is at a 90 degree from center and this position is actually on by about 10%. the 4k has slight cut outs which allow u to rotate the filters to the left and right. i turned them to the left and gave it a try. i didnt notice the right filter turns a fraction more then the left filter and this resulted in the right screen being brighter then the left. ive cut a small part of the plastic where the filter sits on the left side to allow them to both rotate enough to have them at their clearest. i will try post a video explaining what i mean.


Crt monitors were and are known for being bad for your eyes. This is a fact that they produce all kinds of light that is harmful to the eyes

And blue light is also in fluorescent, incandescent light sources. Yes it is in leds but not all. Mike Holmes for example installed led lights in a walkway that produces light that doesn’t attract bugs.

@WalterDasTrevas even mentioned fluorescent.

You can buy led lights for a variety of purposes with different light spectrums.

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Awesome turning the shutter glass makes sense that it would possibly change brightness as it changes angle of view. Now as a side effect the verticle lines of the demister will appear on an angle.


yep this is true and the brightness level is not worth it. its still very dim compared to no filters.


Nonsense. OLED produces 1/3th the blue light of LCD. Turn up the brightness in your OLED panel and you have blue light ‘issues’ too .In your case it kills your eye cells, at least that’s what you’re claiming. BTW do NOT go outside, it’s extremerly dangerous because blue light leves outside are much higher than from a VR set. Also see all those blind animals, living their whole live outside, that’s why all horses, cows and other livestock go blind after 3 months.


The above article has a section on blue light effects & sources. The Below has blue light info as well.

Doctors have been saying eye health issues in regards to all displays from tube to lcd/oleds. Filters were for years & still do offered for tubes to current gen stuff. Sometimes in today incorperated in films.


I have two questions my problem is this:

  1. Would it be possible to disable the shutter glass via firmware?

  2. Do you have to remove the shutter glass completely or is it enough to pull out the cable?

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I am sorry sir, there is way to disable the shutter glass and we have to remove it completely. @Doman.Chen, please contact with @DonGroovie to repair the bright stripe issue.


@DonGroovie Sorry for inconvenience. Usually we do not recommend users to disassemble the headset, which will break the product warranty, please contact the vendor directly, we will assist you about this case.


I live in Germany and bought my headset at Gearbest. A ticket for the exchange was requested so far unfortunately without reaction.

Would it be possible to replace the headset by a Pimax BE version 2K OLED I would prefer?


Well, I did that yesterday and did not like the blur, so I put them back today.

Unfortunately, while in the process, one of the cable got disconnected from the shutter lense. Since there is no connector there, I tried to put it back in place with some microscopic piece of tape.

However, I am not convinced that the contact is good. What would be the consequence of having only one of these shutter glass working? How can I go and test it?

@Pimax-Support Can you chime in?


The ribbon just popped out? If so were you able to reinsert it?


Yea, I was able to reinsert it, however, there is no clamp on the filter side like there is on the board side (where you “clamp” the cable to the connector). So I had to stick it there with tape… Really not sure if the contact beween the lens and cable is good.

EDIT: Is it possible to RMA the unit and have it repaired and clean without warranty? I wouldn’t mind paying for a refurbishing…


Hmmm aa long as the tape is not on the side of the ribbon facing the board; you “shld” be good. But only way to know might be to try it.

@sjefdeklerk would be a good one to ask. Do you have a pic?

EDIT - Support when on can answer your last question.


Did it detach from the lens? & not the circuit board. If so then tape is not likely going to work.

Yeah if the ribbon seperated from the lens/filter then you will need it replaced.


Yes, it detached from the lens, that’s the thing. But I can see the contact point on the lens and put the cable exactly where it was before, applying pressure and then putting the tape so it holds in place. I do not know how the electrical current is distributed thought the lens, but I believe the cable probably makes contact to the “connector” on the lense.

I’d like a way to test though.


Well, I checked and definitely see one eye that had the “blurring” and the other didn’t. So I removed the second cable as well to have a more equal image, but at this point, I think I would prefer to RMA the unit and pay for it.

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Hmm I haven’t opened my unit in a while but I do think that there actually IS a clamp for the filter ribbon cable, one you can flip up, insert the ribbon and flip down again. Before going the RMA route I’d certainly try that. I’m pretty sure of it actually. I did remove my shutter glasses, then re-inserted the filters after a few weeks and remember doing that by flipping up that flap. I ended up removing the shutter glasses again BTW, the ghosting is indeed worse but the image fidelity much better which made me remove them in the end again. But it certainly is a trade-off, no clear winner, it’s a personal choice.


Nevermind! I was able to put it all into place and now the picture quality is good!

I agree though, I think I prefer the look of the shutter glass removed. There is a little more blur, but this is fixable in game and there is actually less “ghosting” and no black lines!


I have a problem with my pimax 4k -_-