Removing the shutter glass



@Pimax-Support @Doman.Chen


so yeah. I can see you have a Pimax.
Maybe you should clearify, or atleast tell us what your problem is?

Also, if you post in this thread then it should be obvios that you voided you´re warranty on the product and support won´t or at least wouldn´t need to help you.


The vertical band on the left side of the HMD should not be there.

It’s time for a new screen or new HMD.


I thought it was obvious too… Maybe they have not seen it before?


Looks like a shutter problem indeed. I’d either RMA the HMD or remove the shutter glass


The pic shows a definite issue. However just because he posted in this thread doesn’t mean they won’t assist & it doesn’t mean he’s dismantled the unit.

How supportive the team is at times can be quite impressive compared to other companies.

@Pimax-Support I imagine they have been quite busy & haven’t had the time as of yet to respond to @FOXD issue as depicted. I am sure within a day or 2 tops. Support will look into this issue; assuming they haven’t contacted him via pm.


Hi,could you please provide the serial number of the headset? Where and when you bought it ?


Thought it was a reflection. I didn´t want to offend him, in context it would´ve meant that he broke something.




Hi,@FOXD please contact the seller of Gearbest to return the goods according to the sales policy.
If any question,please contact to


I recently bought a Pimax 4k - For the sole purpose of playing elite dangerous. I was very discouraged on how dark it was, and the slight blurriness.
After finding this page, I decided to crack it open and remove the lens. I have to say, WoW - the difference is night and day.
I highly recommend if you play Elite Dangerous with a Pimax 4k to follow the simple instructions below, and watch the video. I watched it several times before doing this. I am a wood worker, and don’t work with electronics and I was able to do this. I prepped my area the best I could with tools, and made sure to be as dust free as possible.
I had several small bins for the screws and took pictures at every step so I new what screws went where.

Takes 30 minutes - and the results are amazing. Thanks for making this post. I was ready to return this product. But now I’m very happy.


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nice Trojan_Jo,

how is the ghosting with the shutters off? personally, i left mine on, but increased the birghtness in piplay and the gamma in ED to max. then i turned my HUD brightness all the way down to stop the colour bleed.


I don’t considered any of the ghosting that I experience as an inconvenience. Having played on a 4k monitor and other high def screens I wanted the pimax 4k to meet at least an 1920x1080 experience compared to the other name brands. That said, the image is very crisp. It’s not like my 4k screen at all, but enjoyable just the same. Way better than the rift or vive in my humble opinion.


@sjefdeklerk jefdeklerk

i removed the glasses today and wow why the heck they took them in in the first place^^
one question you activate check cold tone in the piplay options? i heard if you dont check the box there is a blue light filter that makes everything yellowish

thx for the instructionpictures