Removing the shutter glass


Yikes, the process is a little deeper than i thought it would be, but if it’s a night and day difference (quite literally) i guess its worth it…


Research reveals that blue light filter helps with eye strain.

I do not think it would impact your eyes other than making them fatigued.

Thanks again for sharing, I’m very tempted… maybe this weekend.


Hey, sjefdeklerk~!
I’ve succeeded because of you. Thanks.
Screen quality is much better than before.
Vertical lines, ghost during head tracking, and dark, violet lenses all disappeared. Instead, I got a clear and transparent lens, a bright screen and blurred head tracking. Lol


Presumably no worse than it’s always been?

Are you referring to ghosting?


After removing the blue light filter, ghosting has disappeared?


Amazing, nice one thanks buddy!


Edit. If any1 else is going to do it please do make video…


Do you ghosting disappear after removing the filter?


Good to hear you like it ! It’s so much better eh !


Ghosting is caused by the LCD screen. OLED is much quicker at switching pixels, LCD always has much more lag, that causes the ghosting. So of course this won’t change if you install or remove sunglasses (=filter)


If you don’t mind, could you add a step or a post explaining how to lower the brightness? I’m not having much luck finding the “brightness topic” you speak of.



Thank you, that was fast!


Thank you man. It great improvement of picture for me. I custom Low Level 2 for brightness. Any news about native 4k? Or history is end because panel didnt support 30 hz?


Glad you liked the improvement too ! Yeah I’m still not sure if I like custom low level 1 or custom low level 2 better without the filter. With low_level_1 the image seems more beautiful but it also seems more demanding on the eyes.

Regarding 4k: without any datasheets it’s impossible to say if the panel even supports 30 hz.


My Pimax is on it’s way, and i’m totally gonna be tempted to do this straight out of the box, even though i know i shouldn’t…


Is it safe to say low_level_2 is better visually than the unmodded Pimax? I’m real tempted to do this, though I only have a small handful of games. Debating of getting Elite Dangerous if this ‘fix’ is indeed worth it.


Is this still relevant or should the filter be removed entirely?


I hope this is still relevant, i won’t be entirely comfortable dismantling the entire headset.


Refer to these posts from 1day ago. Looks like we’re going to have to dismantle the headset