Removing the shutter glass


Complete filter removal it is then.

Was hoping we could shield our eyes with the filters still there but just disconnected.


Just did this. Pretty simple process overall and difference in image is amazing. Thank you @sjefdeklerk!


Not sure wether to do this as soon as i get my headset. It seems that the improvement is without question


sjefdeklerk, I follow your steps to unassembly the headset and remove the filters.

You gain more crispy images and brightnes BUT the ghosting now turns to a fuzzy effect and when you are inside a plain grey environment you can see the patern of the displays. Also, if you are in a very dark ambience, like LOST demo, you will see a bright halo all arround.
For me the low_level_2 is too much, and if I try to play in Standard I need to use my sunglasses LOL!

I dont think it is an improvement, only a diferent way or option …


mucho te la ajuegas quitando el filtro compi, entonces no merece la pena?¿


No, yo voy a volver a ponérselo. Con el brillo al mínimo es mucho brillo y en el Project cars el contraste es muy exagerado lo que hace que veas todo muy irreal. El efecto ghosting se convierte en un efecto de difuminado, lo que si me da la sensación es que es más rápido. La recuperación de la pantalla parece más rápida. Pero no te merece la pena para jugar. Si solo las quieres para ver películas y no te molesta mucho el brillo puede que se vea un poco mejor.

Im talking about, the improvements are good for watch videos or films but not good (my opinion) for gaming.


aqui poca solucion hay ya compi, con el tema de las actualizaciones ya poca confianza tambien. Estas en el grupo de telegram?¿


La verdad es que estoy un poco decepcionado … pero tampoco me esperaba mucho del producto.

No, no estoy en el grupo. Si me pasas el enlace me uno a vosotros.


Estamos quemadisimos todos, es una tomadura de pelo… ese es el grupo de realidad virtual y este el de pimax


Hmm sorry to hear you’re not happy with the change. Yeah the image gets clearer so you will notice imperfections better too. It’s easy to put the filters back though so that’s always an option if you don’t like it.

Maybe you do have a point on game playing vs movie watching: if you’re in for long sessions of game playing it might be better to have the filter in, because even low_level_1 brightness without the filter seems harder on the eyes than high_level_2 with the filter.

But how it feels on your eyes probably differs from person to person too.

Unfortunately I don’t think I could go back, I like the image so much more without filter. To me the filter really feels like a separation between me and the VR world. And I take the higher eye strain and clearer imperfections for granted.

Anyway thanks for your response, you’ve point out some good points people should take into consideration.


Sorry to bother you since many people are asking but since I returned one month ago my brand new Pimax 4K just because of the “darkness” I was wondering how the new brightness control (advertised with the latest Piplay version) works compared to the soft code you are using. I mean, is there now sort of slider that allow a more accurate and precise bright control? If yes, does it allow to reduce the brightness too? Why did not you mention this new feature into your latest comments?


I’m not sure what you mean with ‘soft code’ ? The LCD panel’s brightness can be adjusted with the debug tool in previous versions of piplay. Supposedly they’ve now made it easier in the latest piplay version, but it still works the same from a hardware point of view. A slider is just easier to use than entering the codes in the debug tool, that’s the only difference.

Anyway I’ve tempered my enthousiasm a little bit. While I still believe it’s a big improvement in clarity, I also feel it’s much harder on the eyes without the filter. Not sure how others feel about this ? I’ve now tried it a few days and I do start to worry how this will impact eyes if you use this a lot.


I do understand your concern and that is why I was wondering how the “new brightness control” works…maybe it allow a more linear control, not just steps low 1 and low 2…


Before someone decides to remove that filter (especially if it didnt bothered you and you just read it makes good) — try “turn on cool colors” first in piplay settings and see if you like it, play with cool colors for 3-6 hours and see if your eyes are tired. And only then, if you will decide it looks better and has no bad impact - think about to remove it.


Well at least FW 248 doesn’t allow for any more brightness modes than the 5 we know (high 1 and 2, low 1 and 2 and normal). I haven’t bothered to check the latest piplay and how it works but I assume it only has those 5 steps. If not, then it would not work correctly with FW 248 (since this FW can’t handle more than those 5) and I’ve heard no one complain, so I assume they didn’t change it


I’m not sure I’d agree. Even with ‘cool colours’ the filter is of course still in place and it still has big impact on what you’re seeing. I wish there was more known about the risks of running this without a filter, but I guess common sense would be that your eyes are not going to like too much brightness for a long time and it’s probably best to be careful here. You only have 1 pair of eyes and hopefully still a long life to go :wink:

And yeah then there are the points that alexpcalvo brought up above, there are some imperfections and you’ll notice them more if you have a better view at the screen (so without the ‘sunglasses’). It also seems the SDE effect is more noticeable without the filter, which again is the same issue: you’re just seeing things better so you’re also going to notice all imperfections better.


Perhaps better to just stick with removing the filter cables from the mainboard, sounds much quicker and easier too


That would be the same as selecting ‘cold colours’ it just disables the electrical part. Still the filter functions like sunglasses, even without the electrical part.


Think I’ll trial the “cold colors” setting first, but will most likely remove the physical filters regardless, the dull display sounds pretty unforgivable, and i haven’t even seen it yet.


Well, I sorted it out, threw off the filters, collected and … noticed a speck in the right lens, right in the center, damn it! The dust has got …
Regarding the quality of the picture: included Virtual Desctop - and I was blinded, everything became very bright and colorful o.O
Diminished the brightness on Level Low 2, the brightness decreased and it became quite good: yes2:

Well, actually a comparison.

Yesterday I was just making pictures in pKars and did the same only without filters.

with filters level normal

without filters Level Low 2

The colors definitely became more correct and brighter, the picture itself became better, I like it. [But only on Level Low 2, all the rest are Pts bright]
And yes, instead of bifurcating the picture now just some lubrication or a slap, well, like it’s better as for me than a bifurcation.
Still I see one plus - the brightness again is minimal and the pixels of the screen will burn less, this is 100%. The screen’s heating has decreased! Really - drove a bit in Project Cars, and the Pimax did not heat up at all.
In occasion of influence on eyes - well I do not know, like anywhere these filters are not present and all ok at all.
And yet, in any game you can reduce the brightness in the settings of the game, if that …

Contrast became better, it became more visible to the distance, everything does not merge in the dark, detailing is better.
In short, I as if from a dark forest came out on a bright beautiful clearing: yes2:
Thank you. I like it so far.