Removing the shutter glass


Thanks for the great photo’s, how did you manage to shoot them like that ? But yeah that’s pretty much my experience, everything comes much more to life without the filters.


Photo was taken on an old digital camera, I put it on a stand [book] and moved it closer to the left lens.

Yesterday I compared both IPD 50 and 75 in the same way …
Differences in the field of view or viewing angle was not detected.


But the greasing is decent. That is, when you turn your head all around becomes very blurry and it’s unpleasant …
I need to put the filters back on again, for completeness of the impression.


picture looks Clean and Sharp without the Filter


I agree that without a filter is a very good picture.


I here again disassembled, collected and I do not work anything.
The light from above does not light at all.
Although when connected to a computer, the computer emits a sound. But Pimax does not work at all. I do not understand anything that happened to him.


Some cable probably got disconnected. Check all cables, including the flat ones like the LCD cable.


Well, now I’ll check all the cables again.
It seems that electricity does not flow into the Helmet, since the light does not burn at all … Perhaps somewhere bad contact.


Add me to the no filter list as well. (There went my warranty but totally worth it)

Using the lower than normal brightness used to be undesirable but not anymore.

Thanks for the procedure steps, sjef.

What’s with the blurring when turning head briskly and can it be reduced?

It appears the Blue Light Filters were in place to minimize/hide this blurring effect as well.

A quick mention:

While cleaning the lenses, on my side, it was possible to have the Pimax completely open, minus the front cover that houses the LCD.

This allowed easy access to the lenses/glass.

My Pimax was in this state for hrs w/ SteamVR running.

As sjef mentions, any little speck on the screen is very annoying


All cables have already tried to pull out, does not help, and LCD cable including.
The only thing is, I did not pull out the display, but I do not see the point in this, since I did not touch it at all.
It seems that it’s time to go to the repairman …:sos:


Ran into your issue 2 days ago and it ended up being an disconnected ribbon cable.

You can see it @ the 1:38 timemark (has rubber tape) in the video sjef linked.


I agree, it almost has to be something like that.


Um … I did not really understand what kind of cable.
But I noticed on the video that I do not have a cable right here. Marked in red:

Should it be there?
And so everything else is the same as in the photo, except selected in red.


My isue was this cable:


Ok, I get it.
I have already checked this cable many times. Only I do not like how he dwells there, somehow badly holds, in my opinion …


It’s flimsy and can become detached while putting the back plastic lens cover on.


Yeah those flat cables got disconnected in my case too, also the one you didn’t circle, the big one from the LCD. It would make sense that it would be something like that. Hardware doesn’t die if you just open it, that makes no sense.


To be honest, all the wires were already dropping out of their connectors.

Yes, I also think that it’s with wires. And somewhere there is a short circuit or bad contact at the connector. Most likely something from this … Here already it is necessary to check at the expert, most likely, which can check up conductivity of a current.


If that’s the case, all those wires are generic, should be easy to acquire/replace if need be.


Still try all the same to sort through the wires. Well and further, if nothing will help it is necessary to address to the repairman.
In any case, thanks for the help and participation.