Removing the shutter glass


I’m seeing a few comments on YouTube on how opening it bricked their unit, Hopefully not what Century is dealing with. Ah, that’s completely putting me off doing this now.


No, that’s PIMAX intrusion detection system, which only gets activated if you connect the headset while it’s open. The lights will blink in that case. And it’s easy to fix.

But only try this if you feel you’re up to it. If you never have opened any hardware you might want to pass.


If it’s connected while it’s open, then the firmware will detect it and will disable your device. If this happens, send me a PM, I have a hack to get you back online.
What’s the hack.


I am having the same problem as Century. No red light, rechecked all cable. Connects to PC, Rift in devices and printers but no power to the screen.
RATS. Had high hopes.


Now this is interesting for Android phones with decent gyroscopes:

In an effort to reduce the blurring with the blue light filters removed, I went back to OpenTrack/Freetrack/TrackIR “supported” games as an test.

Long story short, followed this guide: (opentrack\doc\contrib\freepie-udp is the updated location for

Substituted Elite Dangerous for American Truck Simulator & Assetto Corsa.

Here is the .ini that’s not accesible from the aforementioned link.


American Truck Simulator & Assetto Corsa had reduced blurring & ghosting so it begs the question if Pimax’s gyroscopes are even ample enough.


hey guys

so sorry to here about that
I hope you get it working again

might it be a damaged Ribbon Cable ?

I was planning on taking mine apart today


Yes, I would like to work, thanks …:slight_smile:
But most likely will have to give the repairman.


Opening and removing filters procedure was easy for me. Use youtube manual, but see it full before start of work. Some parts of this video seems isn’t logical for me


I cant take it any more…
im going to Remove the Filter :wink:


Well I Removed it
Piplay Detected it fine
Lights came on as Normal
Looked into Goggles
Screen has gone all weird (I know the screen is F…d)
Well that’s that I guess :frowning:
I wonder what a new screen cost`s


This a costly mistake if you cannot acquire the LCD Model# LS055D1SX05 S or perhaps even,
LS055D1SX04 G.

It’s almost impossible to get unless you can find an used Pimax 4K or maybe even an Xperia Z5/XZ Premium. Perhaps you can contact Pimax without divulging that you disassembled the HMD.


Sounds like a loose ribbon cable - check the one that connects the screen to the PCB.


Yes, screen cable can unplug. When I remove second filter, I saw than cable disconnect. I think than all is over, it’s break, but on second look I saw that it just unplug from cable input. It easy to plugin. Maybe you unplug it when close helm and don’t saw it.


im going to get a screen from PiMAX hopefully :wink: cheers


all is connected cable wise
problem was how I cleaned the screen as with a gentle wipe the dust would not budge :frowning: the whole thing was full of dust
I went on a cleaning spree…
the whole thing looks mint now, and I was right about the Lenses having crap on the inside
never mind Life is One Big Lesson


I just don’t understand how your screen got damaged, it’s still in the plastic container, right, or did you get it out ? The only thing that would make sense to me is if your cable either got unplugged or damaged. It seems a very delicate cable anyway, almost like paper. You did see that it’s got connectors on both ends, right ? Both on the mainboard as on the other end.

Or did you maybe clean it with some aggressive liquid or scraping method ?


Wow. I’m gonna be as delicate as a butterfly when i open this thing…


For me it isn’t worth the risk. Plus it also has a negative visual impact as well as positive, right? Blurring and more SDE?
I can see the SDE clearly enough already.


If the NoloVR will allow us to kill the Pimax 4K’s gyroscopes & prioritize itself as an head tracker in SteamVR, the blurring can be reduced.

Has anyone tried my experiment several posts up?

The blurring is reduced considerably in TrackIR/Freetrack VR supported games.

Unfortunately, there are a good plenty of games that do not allow TrackIR/Freetrack to function in VR Mode.

The theory is if your in VR Mode, there should be no need for TrackIR/Freetrack but this is not adequate if the in use gyroscopes are not so great.

We need an override.


I used a Lenz Cleaner I got with my 1080gte projector, its just like what someone would use for a pair of glasses (small cloth)
like I said Cables are in and Piplay Detects fine