Removing the shutter glass


The Screen can be damaged if not careful when reattaching the LCD ribbon cable to the back side.

Any weird rather excessive pressure will damage the LCD and give you a bad day.

For what it’s worth, any visual issues were on my Pimax’s glass/lenses so never had to mess with the LCD.



I never unplugged it from there, I unplugged it from the other side which connects to the board as I didn’t want to disturb the screen connection


I reall don’t know whats happened here but I have just taken it apart again and cables were fine

im going to unplug the 2 ribbons I disconnected 1st time round and replug them to see if any effect takes place


ok so I unplugged the ribbons and reconnected them

the screen displayed this time, but to the left of the screen was all lines and to the right was normal, also 25% of the top of screen from left to right was also lines over picture

i also flashed it after I seen that with latest FW, but no change

maybe the ribbon is damaged or/and the small board

I say this cuz the other day it was lines and squares/pixels with no picture display, yet today part of the display was perfect


Yeah that makes more sense to me than that the LCD would be damaged itself. The ribbon cable seems very delicate anyway and easy to damage.

So anyone who wants to open the pimax, pay close attention to that cable and don’t put any stress on it


Hi thanks for the tips on removing the light filter. I have read the entire thread

Have you tried the rift CV1? Would you say it’s better now with all the updated resolution tweeks and filter removal?

How are the black levels now? Nice and dark? would Elite Dangerous look much better?


Today I dismantled it and collected it, and the light bulb blinked constantly!
Connected in disassembled form.
Now it constantly reconnects and flashes green.
He became a brick.


녹색 빨강색 번갈아 깜박입니다 침입탐지 동작중인거 같습니다
복구할수있게 도움을 주시면 정말로 감사하겠습니다


That’s probably a good idea. A few people have damaged their devices already, so I suggest to NOT try this, unless you have experience opening hardware like a cellphone.


Where do you setup Brighness Low_level ??



Open the debug tool in your piplay settings.

Use these codes in the debug tool:

Low_level2 :10033002
Low_level1: 10033001
Level_normal: 10033000 (too high without the filter !)
High_level1: 10033011
High_level2: 10033036

You’ll probably want low_level2 or if you want higher brightness Low_level1


Here’s an example of a damaged LCD cable from someone who opened his PIMAX:

So if you are going to do this procedure, again, make sure the LCD cable is not under any stress !! This cable is very easy to damage, it’s almost like paper. I think this is the primary reason some people have problems. The cable is just so thin …


Indeed and this is not Pimax being cheap.

The LCD is literally designed that way.


I have no doubt in my mind that these VR headsets are made up of cheap components…


Well like CMM just said, the LCD is designed this way and it’s pretty much the same LCD as used in the Sony Xperia premium. So I don’t think this is PIMAX being cheap.


thank u SJEF… u had replied to me on my other thread where i had to know how to clean a spec on the right screen … n so came here to read as invited by u… actualy on a closer look the spec is like a 2 mm piece of thread… with top half red in color and bottom half blue in color… aslo now theres one more appeared out of the blue in the left screen thinner than the right and little smaller in length but same characteristic like the right one… i wonder how does it get in there…
also i was happy to see a solution to get the filter out and get rid of it all… but after reading CENTURY AND FUTURE ARCADES experience… now im a little jittery to open it all up… as i have never opened hardware like this…
wish theres more to know about how to perfectly get the filter out and get those specs out without transforming the headset into a brick… and 400 dollars into dust… but truly appreciate ur insights SJEF… THANK U.


My experience removing the filters is bloody good. I am not a cautious person and I have done it.
You have to be careful, store the screws, try not to remove the lenses, be in a place without air movement for the dust
But the result in Prepar3D (Flight Simulator) is very good with a sharp and good image.

I have though 2 questions .
1- How do you do supersampling
2- How do you see the resolution rendered in Steam VR



Managed to mod the HMD thanks to your instructions @sjefdeklerk , thank you. It is much brighter and crisp but a bit too bright for me, even using low_level2. I hope Pimax might introduce lower brightness values!


Low_level1: 10033001


this is very true, i can only dream of when I’ll be able to use freetrack with the pimax in ELiTE, it would completely resolve the drift problem