Removing the shutter glass


That’s brighter than low_level2, he’s looking for a level less bright.


It seemed to me that Low_level1: 10033001 less brightness


Update on my PiMAX

Today I Spoke with Support and I am going to take a Photo or Video of Problem for them so they can see whats going on

I Repeated the same Proccess of Unpluggin the Ribbon Cables and then Reconnecting them
The outcome was better than the 1st time but worse than the 2nd
Also I used a Magnifying Glass to Check the the Connectors out and they look Fine

All I know is that im missing my PiMAX :frowning:

Report Back when I have New Info


Really weird stuff, not sure what’s going on in your case, if the cables seem fine and the connectors too, it all should work ? Weird …


I wonder how easily these can be damaged in the post, because my Pimax which was on it’s way, now says (returned to shipper) via the tracking information on DHL… :expressionless:

  1. google or use search for this forum
  2. its forced to full hd or 2k depending on your piplay setting


It is very well packaged - shouldn’t get damaged during transit. I think if you check youtube unboxing of it you can see that. HMDs are not as delicate as glass!


Received Pimax, don’t think it’s worth the risk taking out the filter as image quality is satisfactory at the moment


Hmm I was just reading about blue light and that LCD supposedly emits 3x more blue light than OLED. I’m not sure what to do, but i’m considering putting the filters back, not sure what to do …

It really sucks because I find the image so much more enjoyable without the filter. But I guess safety should come first when it comes to your eyes.


Ok I’ve actually just did it, I’ve put them back. If anyone wants to do that too, and is wondering just like I was about the pin numbering: the pin numbering should be on top. It’s really easy to connect it, you can just (carefully !) flip the connector up, stick the flat cable in and push the connector down again and it will be in place. Put some tape on top of the connector to seal it.

I’ve also set brightness to ‘normal’, just to be sure. I am a bit worried about my eyes. I really hate to do this, but I guess it’s the sensible thing to do.

Maybe in 5 years we’ll know that it doesn’t matter at all. But what if it does …


Show me one idiot…
You are not supposed to spend time with this objects these are just for demo.
By the way the recommendations here in france are not to watch your phone (or your laptop) at less than 20 cm which is not the case with the pimax.
If you want to remove the filter you can but after that buy some specific glasses in order to protect your eyes. Perhaps you will have better result than with the filters but always use filters.


Again, there’s NO clinical evidence of damage to the human eye. Besides, as a point of comparison a monitor’s brightness will typically range from 50-400cd/m2 for white. The outside world will typically expose you to HEVL-rich light of between 5,000 cd/m2 and 50,000 cd/m2 simply through reflection.

I’m not saying it’s safe. I’ve put back my filter to be on the safe side. But it’s also not sure to cause damage like you claim. Time will tell.


Again you didn’t read what the Pr Picaud said.


I did. He did some In vitro test (in a tube), proving there’s a relationship between extreme blue light levels and retina damage. He also says it’s a risk factor. But there’s no link yet between the level emitted by VR systems and retina damage in humans.


And epidemiologic studies confirmed that there was more DMA in groups exposed to blue light emission.


Ah, can you show me that research then ? I’d love to see it.


I have decided to put the blue light filters back into my Pimax.
I noticed that my eyes definitely tire more quickly without them.
I’ll be sorry to loose the bright colours too.


Yeah same thing, my eyes got tired way faster without the filter. After having used it one day with filter I really miss the bright colours and can honestly say I enjoy my Pimax less. But I guess safety comes first when it comes to your eyes.


Definitely right. My eyes are ageing fast enough as it is.

I’ve put the filters back and set the brightness to 1 level above normal and although the colours are not as crisp I’m happy with the display.

The blurriness with head movement has been reduced a bit as well which is a bonus.

I am convinced that by correctly blanking the video at the frame rate during head movement, will go a long way to reducing this affect.

Many years ago, I worked on the design of blanking circuits for phosphor based (CRT) colour television tubes and even more than LCD’s, they suffered from image persistence and this (among other things) was controlled by correctly blanking the video in between image frames.

This is already happening in Pimax with displayed video images and that’s why if you keep you head still, there is no blurring. of the image as things move. But I believe that there is some issue in the firmware/software relating to the speed (lag) of sensing the head movement and adjusting centre of the displayed image “viewport”.

If this is not handled quickly enough and not correctly synchronised with the frame blanking period, then a double image or shadow will most likely result.

This is what I believe is happening and why there is a difference in the image quality and shadowing between Piplay versions 1.1.92 and 1.2.xx.

Oh yes and damn, I’ve got a bit of dust inside the headset that’s going to drive me crazy, but I’m going to live with it for now. I’ll have to improve my dist free work area if I’m going keep fiddling with the guts of my Pimax.


Why dont you all just buy the new deepoon E3. It has a Samsung softlight amoled screen and its practically the same price as the stupid pimax.

Problem solved

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