Removing the shutter glass


I removed the blue light filter, then put it back and connected it to a computer, but the LED light just repeats blinking green and red.
PIMAX is not recognized by the PC.
Is this that PIMAX is broken?
If not, what is the cause?


a similar problem has occured with one more customer… u can check with him…


Check this thread may have a solution.


Dear , Heliosurge
Thank you very much.
Thanks to your advice, My PIMAX has been restored. The image is the best.
However, the dust remained a little. If I want to completely eliminate dust, I need a clean room, but I do not want to buy it. :laughing:


Thanks. But really the credit belongs to @sjefdeklerk for devising the solution. I just pointed to a potenial solution .

Your welcome


congrats hachibeh… no other better feeling than ur headset showing u something back again…
my headset is a lazy piece too… it sometime shows just a grey screen … n then i have to shut down unplug n plug the cables to wake it up from sleep… :slight_smile:


I appreciate your support. so it was very helpful for me.Thank you.


I do not recommend anyone removing blue light filter.Screen is more vivid ghosting seems
to disappear but now is blurring when you move your head and after i did this i have very big problem with dust on screen.


Like I said, you need to take your time to clean the lense. Another good suggestion was posted above, to buy a spray-can with compressed air.

Regarding blurring, yeah I probably need to change the title. This is NOT a blue light filter, but a shutter glass for low persistence. They implemented it for less blurring, but at the cost of a more dull image.

EDIT changed the topic title.


Yes now i understand why this glass must be connected to electronic part.


That is a shutter glass. You can tell by the two leads, positive and negative. Just like an old calculator, it is at it’s dimmest when there is no current, disconnected, because when you add current the liquid crystals align to let light through. I don’t know if that is a pure on/off shutter, or if it can set to a variable brightness. I also don’t know how responsive it is, how many cycles on/off per second. There could be a portion of the firmware controlling this, or it could be all on a chip preassembled somewhere else. But it probably is set either timing-wise or a combination of timing and variable shade (which makes more sense) to dim at just the right time and just the right shading to hide/shudder the motion blur. It’s a clever way to do it. But I wonder if Pimax would let us know if that can be something we can be given control of, or if someone can eventually allow us a handle to hack it in the firmware. It’s not a priority for me, but I would like to try it either off or taken out too. Pimax is a very tolerable but bit too dim, but I don’t have it set up just right yet.

As for the blue light, that has nothing to do with the shutter/filter. Many phones and other Devices, lcd and oled, are getting blue light “filtering” software to help with eye fatigue as well as mitigate the effects that the blue hues of normal range LCDs have on mental fatigue and inhibiting sleep by eliciting chemical responses in the brain, such as inhibited melatonin production. This is a new trend and on the phones and tablets I have I usually turn them off for myself, but leave them on for my kid. Except that I use a program on my desktop to give me better blue-less shades at night that can help one get to sleep earlier.

The sun is actually not yellow, it’s white. But the atmosphere makes it appear yellow, and our biology has adjusted to that shade of light to know when to sleep and other things. The blue-light thing is just turning down the blue on all of these phones. As for whether being a few inches from a too bright screen will burn out your eyes and cause early macular degeneration, you’ll have to think more and research that further if that’s a concern for you. I’ve been hunched over screens for the last 30+ years and I can still see fine. But yeah, this in your face thing is something to think about.


What is darker, low_ level 1 or low_ level 2?


level 2 is the darkest


thank you very much…:slight_smile:


Awesome lol most want it brighter :blush:


It’s for people who have removed the shutter glass. The screen is real bright so you’ll want Low_level_2 :wink:


Ah my bad makes perfect sense now.

Has anyone considered trying those night driving glasses?

HMD Manufacturers should start using PU Leather instead of Foam

I think that’s the anti-blue light and anti-fog system.


How aboout motion blur after removing lcd shutters? Its better than ghosting with lcd shutters?


No, it are shutter glasses to minimize ghosting

The shutters do lessen the ghosting