[Repiled]Can we get some update on the backer's reward and addon?



you mean the light house base station? we just got an important agreement with our partner, This should be coming soon, I will check internally and feedback in our forum.


Please inform us regarding base station shipments ASAP. I would not want to purchase a HTC lighthouse during waiting preordered base ststion to arrive.


sure,I will follow up with a high priority.


I understand your frustration, but having v2 lighthouses without v2 controllers is useless for anyone doing room space.

Anyway, considering the Pimax track record, I guess we screwed either way.


News on this would really be great - I have been looking into old and new Base stations but actually dont wont to spend the money on the vive stuff for many reasons.
I would love to hear some Info on that - would be really great if you could do a show of of the current light house and controller versions and status…

  • kind of what you did with the HMD before - keep the train rolling!


I have to agree the Headstrap needs to be out soon. Even pimaxusa has reported designs seem decent.

The Hand modul really needs to come out soon as it has been demoed since day 1 of M1 testing & quite disapointing that since then only other youtubers have received it.


You r my man! I count on you.


I agree, 100%. While my small-framed reading glasses fit without scratching the headset lenses, the headset pushes my glasses uncomfortably close to my face. This causes the glasses lenses to touch my eyelashes, which smudges the lenses. I also find it difficult to don and doff the headset due to glasses and separate headphones. My glasses are constantly getting smudged in VR and I have to stop and clean the lenses every 15 min or so (or accept blurry VR).


We are design, will open the 3D file in the following two weeks



I could really use a 2m meters extension cable, will you be doing different sizes. ?


Anoying that you cant use the code for x% when you are buying Pimax Base Station and Wireless Controllers or the 100usd you should get when you switch down to 5k+


different sizes? we had planed to design a 10meters cable not using the extension. at the same time we are testing the 3 meters extension cable.

Official Pimax extension / long cables

That’s good news. Thank you.


3 meters extension cable sound good to me :ok_hand::+1:


+1 for 3 meters. I tried a Display Port extension that worked but failed to find a working usb 3.0 cable that can extend. Tried with an active usb cable + powered usb hub… I get everything detected but controllers are not tracked. And the USB cable that actually extend my Samsung O+ does not work for Pimax5k+


Try 3m amazon basics usb 3.0 cable.
I extended mine by using this cable & a 3m dp 1.2 cable & it was all working fine.
The amazon basics stuff is solid.


Yeah i have the 3 meters amazon basic usb 3.0 extension. Tried it straight in my motherboard and into a Anker pci extension 3.0 and i could never get the Controllers to track. :confused:
Also tried with a AmazonBasics Powered USB 3.0 hub. and with a Cable Creation 3 meters active usb 3 extension.


Ah ok.
Im not sure then. I think that cable is about as good as you will get for a 3m extension.
I didnt have any problems myself. All worked as it should.
What spec is the port on your motherboard?
I ran mine from a 3.1 gen2.
Maybe its possible your pimax hmd cable is the problem as its possible that it sends the data & voltage at a poorer rate than others but is still acceptable running over its 5m length.
Maybe not all cables are created equal.


So instead of concentrating on delivering backer rewards, they have been spending R&D time on rugged versions for b2b only. Sounds like time well spent when many of us can’t even use our headsets due to the crappy straps and lack of face foam they said we’d be getting.


I guess they are trying to have some success beyond the Kickstarter campaign… and the ruggedized versions will have been a firm demand from business prospects they are in contact with.
Surely they will need the DAS for more comfort & convenience, though many of us just use a Vive DAS. Some of the other stretch goals may not have the same importance to them, or are slightly more complex, like eye-tracking & wireless, and I hope they take their time to get them right rather than rushing a half-baked solution.
Pimax have a certain window of opportunity and I am sure they will be more eager than anybody around here to make the right decisions, set the right priorities. This window may close soon if a big competitor reveals a comparable headset with more professional polish.