Replacement headset cable 5k


Does anyone have a Pimax 5k headset cable too sell? At this point in time ill buy someones flickering white dots cable. Ive been trying for months to get a replacement cable off these people and they just cant seem to be able to manage to get one sent out. 3 months ago i ordered a new cable and just got told again my order was lost in the system. Im based in Australia.


I’m sorry for my late reply.
Please tell me the ticket number, I will try to solve it for you.
I’m sorry for the inconvenience.


Whoch ticket number? Ive put that many in but noone replies back to me. I only seem to get a reply here. Ticket number i originally used was #16150 and after i paid the freight and for the cable the order number was P125177. Can i pay extra for express delivery ive been without a headset for almost 4 months