Replacement Pimax 4k lenses put onto HTC VIVE


No more fresnel :D.
So stoked, popped out the vive lenses, kept the bracket on my replacement Pimax 4k lenses. Slid out the vive fov view to maximum. Squeezed the bracket over the vives lens holder (not a perfect fit but very close (sturdy enough). Tighten Fov lever both image quality and and holds the bracket.
Then this web site say’s how to fix the new screen barrel distortion.
Toughest part.
The Pimax lenses are extreme in comparison to the Gear VR this site uses.
Needless to say. The image quality for me has improved an easy x2, Just that barrel distortion is keeping me from Jamming right now and will require a lot more Barrel Distortion uploads to the Vive tell I am completely satisfied.

Thanks Pimax for the spare pair of lenses. Always knew they would become handy.


Wow, curious to hear more about that. This sounds awesome! Pls keep us up to date. I did not jump on the gear vr lens mod train but this sounds promising. Make a video if u can. I’m sure @SweViver would find that interesting as well since he tested and installed the gear vr mod. He may be most capable comparing both mods in case that he’ll get hands on some 4k lenses.





The bracket is almost a perfect fit. They extrude a quite a bit. Image quality is amazing, the first barrel distortion file is way better then the third. Reading distance is greatly improved and clear ass funk. Will upload a small video, seems easy enough.


Keep it up! Awesome man, curious how to get hands on 4k lenses with the brackets. Probably they will consider selling them separately.


My Pimax 4k shipped with the wrong lenses, very early days of Pimax.
They sent a replacement pair free.
Some more pictures. Did not want to pop the lens bracket off, cleaning the dust takes a good ten minites after.





so you are basicly saying that this mod is better than gear vr lenses mod, for me its hard to belive becouse I’m using gear vr lenses mod on my vive and clarity is perfect and almost no god rays, so can you compare this 2 mods in certain categories like : god rays , clarity , sweet spot ,distortion , sde, fov , profitability and so on given them % rate ?


I happy that you test for this solution which I have a same Idea but

lighthouse configuration from slikk66 that coefficients corrects barrel distortion was configure for gearVR Lens 101 fov not Pimax4k Lens 110fov I this it is miss match , but if you know how to tweak his configuration that is interesting

It would be good if you can compare gearVR len on right eye and Pimax len on left eye and test with this tools

anyway Thank you for share the knowledge


Brilliant. If I had a the 2012 GearVR, I would have used those lenses. I do not. The only clear lenses I had were these extra Pimax pair I got from Pimax. I was just posting in Pimax because their bracket is almost a perfect fit.
Yeah no god rays, sweet spot is huge, clarity is amze bollocks and FOV is like being an apex predator. Which means a lot more barrel distortion settings til I get it right.
So, so, so freckin happy. Clarity is an easy x2 clearer.


Thank you, thank you and thank you. Yeah the FOV is wide. Tried modding my own barrel distortion with little improvement.
This test tool looks amazing, will go through the steps, once caffeine has entered my blood stream.
Main things are good with these lenses. I don not see the screen edges, picture is clear. A plus minus is the lenses bracket extruding. It is quite close to my eyes but immersion is something else.


So findings after two days of tests. Without the correct barrel distortion and the weight of the lenses. Htc Vives Fresnel lens win out.
Less clear and god rays are a downer but gather fresnel are needed to keep the weight down.
I am considering taking the original Htc Vive lenses to an optometrist. To see if they could reproduce them with a good coating to boot.
So alas my experiment is a failure.
Am knocking on wood my eye doc will do the Vive justice.


I don’t think it’s a failure at all! Just think how many people were trying to improve the gear vr lens mod with barrel adjustments. A lot of capable guys were working on that until they found the right values. You beeing a pioneer to try this and probably not being as well into the subject of finding the right settings did a wonderful job putting of a stunt like that. I very much hope that some people with the right skillset will try it as well and get back to you. Only then we know for sure whether it’s gonna be an improvement over the gear vr mod. Personally I think it’s very likely that in general this idea may have the power to beat it at ease since I’m sure that those lenses have a far better quality hence more potential. Keep it up and try to contact people.


I actually went back to the default Vive lens settings, without Barrel distortion and removed the three screw clips on the side of the Pimax lens holders. Slip the cover (snug fit) over the entire Vive lens bracket.
Clear image with very slight distortion. i am very happy with it now, revisiting all my old games in awe of how much better the picture quality is.


Any ideas anyone on how one might go about getting a pair of these lenses (without buying a Pimax 4K)?


Not sure but the type is Aspherical 53mm.


I emailed them at 支持 when I had the wrong lenses installed on my Pimax. They sent them after I answered around seven questions, with my Pimax model number and pictures. This was well over a year ago now.
No harm in asking support.