[Replied]5k+ dead pixel - replacement denied



Hi everyone,

this is my first post on this account since somehow my old one was deleted.
I’m backer #5XX in Europe and have had a dead pixel ever since my 5k+ arrived early this year.

I wanted to use the 5k+ for X-Plane and other simulators, but since I am mostly looking at a bright sky in that area of the dead pixel it really ruins the immersion and overall experience for me.

I opened a ticket about that back in January. On January 28th they replied:
“would you please take photos or small video,for this problem?thank you”

I subsenquently sent them several photos taken with my cellphone, in which the dead pixel was clearly visible and also offered to send additional proof including video etc.

Then: nothing, for over a month.

A few days ago, they got back to me with this:

for dead pixel problem,we can provide $100 coupon to you,not replacement.

To be honest, I was just to p***** off and frustrated with the support teams reply to write to this forum but after reading through several threads of other backers and seeing them mentioning RMAs I am now at a loss for words.
So here’s me asking whether anybody else has had this experience with them?

Being among the first 500 or so backers who initally helped the 5k+ on the way I feel really screwed over having to sit here with a dead pixel right smack in the middle of the FOV.

Sorry to sound so negative, I love the headset (a non-defective one that is) and appreciate the community that has gathered around it. Just can’t enjoy any of it at this moment.

Thanks for reading.

[Pimax Official]Pimax Aftersales Replacement of Dead Pixels
Note to people not getting answers from support - you can stop pulling your hair

Yeah thats an unnaceptable policy for an $800 product. Demand a replacement and insist that pimax changes their RMA policy for dead pixels to provide a new replacement without issues so as to deliver the quality of product that was paid for.

Please be advised you need to change your policy to provide full replacements for dead pixel issues not related to screen cable to ensure customers get the quality worth the money spent on an $800 product if you want your company to succeed in the professional market.
A $100 voucher in this situation is not an adequate solution this type of issue which is a major issue and hardware fault. @Sean.Huang @Dallas.Hao @Matthew.Xu @xunshu @PimaxUSA @Doman.Chen @Alan.sun @PimaxVR @Pimax-Support


Damn. Seems one more step towards the end of the Pimax.


Mmmm I need to ask for $100 coupon :slight_smile: Thanks for mentioning it.


I think this could/should lead to a ‘sue’. Consider the health of your eye… this isn’t acceptable. At this time, I sincerely do think Pimax need some serious warning and wake-up call in their mindset.


I won’t be popular but I’ve question - do LCD monitor producers issue a replacement on a single dead pixel? I believe there’s a requirement of something like 3 or more dead pixels, but I stand to be corrected.

I also have a dead pixel, not pleasant to know it is there, but very hard to see unless I specically look for it.


Number of Dead pixels matter. But also placement matters as well. If you have one dead center, they should replace the entire product for you.


No, it usually needs more pixels and even more subpixels. It is also differentiated by the place on the panel. On the other hand, have you ever seen a smartphone with a dead pixel?



Dead pixel in vr is absolutely not acceptable.
These screens need undergo some serious quality inspection before ever being assembled into the hmd.

I hope they change their mind about your replacement because thats totally unfair to receive a hmd like that and denied replacement.


You are a lucky one, my SUPEN for black dots was marked “RESOLVED” by @alan.sun without any explanation at all and I provided very detailed photo of the issue (5k+ Black Dot Pattern Thread. Post here with pics).

Since you are in Europe, I guess we will have to wait for the Pimax Europe branch (if it will open) and then take it by European law from there.


Dead pixel vs cracked casing

I would take that cracked casing anyday i can fix it with a bit of superglue. Dead pixel on other hand, is well… dead.


Its time to stand up as backers and regular customers against Pimax.!

This is not acceptable,there support has absolute reached the bottom at the moment…

Inform the big youtubers or do it yourself.
This is not the warranty that is promised!

I have a company for 10 years,if i treat my customers like this i can close the doors in a couple off months.
Start a lawsuit against Pimax,We have given them to much from our time and patience.


@tumblebone and do you think if the big youtubers also have a dead pixel they say no for a replacement?
No way!


Complexity unacceptable, should be replaced immediately…


This is not an lcd monitor, this was supposed to be next gen VR headset! Huge disappointment indeed.


Thanks for your replies guys.

I plan on making a video about my experiences this weekend and sending it to other youtubers to raise awareness of their practices. The URL to said video will be included in this thread once that’s done. I’m sure I am not alone in my experience, or at least will not remain so as this behavior continues.

At this moment in time it seems to me that their focus is not on quality control, let alone customer satisfaction. This might change of course, as more headsets are being pushed out, and they follow up on their investments with a more constant revenue stream.

I have followed Pimax since the very early days. Owned the 4k as well.
So naturally, I waited a looong time for the Kickstarter and rushed to back a Pimax 8k with controllers and trackers the moment it went live.
The sad truth is that now, I’m so friggin’ frustrated with the whole experience that I haven’t touched the 5k+ for over a month. It’s just sitting here, collecting dust.

And if one $100 coupon from the downgrade to the 5k+ wasn’t enough, how 'bout another one?
In what universe is that considered proper customer care? I’d really like to visit that place and get a whiff of that special air.

Furthermore, at this point in time, I couldn’t be less excited about the rest of the pledge package.
To be completely frank: I somehow don’t expect those accessories to be ready for shipment in any reasonable time frame anyways. At least not one that I would consider to be justly called a package with the headset. There’s no point in receiving that gear in 2020 when the next generation of HMDs are fast approaching the market.

Given what I could assimilate over the past years regarding the history of the “original” 8k’s development, the attainability of the R&D goals according to their plans and delivery dates being pushed back countless times without comprehensible explanation, their lack of interest in proper communication with their audience/community and now this blatant slap in the face, I can not recommend that anyone gives a dollar to Pimax until they get their priorities right. In fact, I advise against it.

I for one remember a job advertising for Europe from the recent weeks, indicating their interest to further establish their European branch. Should they go ahead with that, someone should pay them a personal, friendly visit with some legal text as a welcome to this sometimes overly convoluted, but fortunately regulated European Union.

If the team running Pimax wants it to be taken seriously as a global player in the tech industry, they will inevitably have to abide by the customs and practice the industry has established for itself and its consumers.

Replacing DOA or malfunctioning/defective hardware in this price range is one of those.


Only 7 more pixels to go and you get a free headset :slight_smile: ! Man sorry to hear about this. The rules are made up along the way. I bet if they werent in the middle of thousands of service tickets it would probably be covered…


Open a youtube channel & post on Reddit & Facebook. There is no excuse for them not to replace a dead pixel. They said they would replace dead pixels.

@Dallas.Hao @Doman.Chen @PimaxVR @xunshu @PimaxUSA @Sean.Huang @Alan.sun


Pimax already stated Dead/stuck pixels would be honored.


Just hope the case is faulty.