[Replied]5k+ dead pixel - replacement denied



It is a type of lcd panel. Next gen vr doesn’t mean next gen in displays. Otherwise we’d have some kind of nano led.


Is it dead or stuck? If it’s stuck, maybe you can fix it. Try looking to see if there’s any color in it. My 8k has some sort of stuck/dead pixel too, but I haven’t bothered trying to fix it yet. It doesn’t bother me enough. I think it might just be stuck though, because I recall it having color one time.


This is awful @tumblebone and your frustration is completely justified. Hopefully it was just some numpty on the service desk who gave you that utterly inadequate response and other Pifolk will remedy.

It’s a long shot, but have you tried this to shift stuck pixels?


Thats really not acceptable at all.
Its ok for them to give you the option of a voucher as long as it doesnt affect further warranty, but not ok to deny replacement.
You should fight this all the way.

What good is another $100 pimax voucher to a backer anyway?
None of the acessories worth using it on are anywhere near ready.
Everytime pimax offer their $100 vouchers, it reminds me of this


HI Tumblebone, This is mozi from Pimax,Now I am taking charge of after-sale services.
I apologize to you and all other users who had got a bad after-sale experiences, I will arrange the replacement for you right now. please tracking your sup!


Well done Mozi, a step in the right direction !!!


Are you going to take cate of users whom were sent wrong headset due to pimax flip flopping?


Thanks Dan, you mean how will I to take care of the users whom we sent wrong headset? Yes, Replace with the right one!


How about users that have received but are simply not happy with the headset and would like a refund? I am one such user…


Sorry, Neither us nor the shop platform(kickstarter) have such a refund policy if the headset doesn’t have quality issue. Could you told me the detail reason that you are not happy?


The headset is not as advertised, your advertising says the following…

"Over 16 million pixels lighting up a clear world

Richer details present a more vivid world of VR

Even Unable to distinguish between virtual and real

Get rid of the SDE(Screen-door Effect)"

This is a bold face lie !!! Not only is there still considerable screen door effect, but there is so much distortion around the edges that it is impossible to, and I quote “Even Unable to distinguish between virtual and real”.

Instead of replying on this forum, how about simply answering my emails?


Cool will add you to one such user’s pm on this.


Subjectivity. Best to sell it as you will make more than you invested easily. For some sde is eliminated. Maybe a misleading marketing ploy; much like “Dynamic Contrast 1,000,000:1” vs real contrast ratio.


What the heck is going on! After all the hassle and hatred HTC earned for their support, Pimax shouldn’t be going down the same way. Things like that spread like a virus, influencing a lot people leading them to rethink their investment in a new Headset from Pimax.

Pimax really have to clear things up und become more responsive immediately. Bad support is really a business killer!!! It’s a premium product, the support should be that aswell. @mozi thanks for replying. I suggest that you present your answers in the forum more prominently, so that your support becomes more visible. A lot of people out there need to see your investment in order to gain confidence in Pimax as a firm!


Hello Mozi,

thanks for your reply.
When can I expect my support request to be updated?
So far nothing has happened.


just now updated.sorry for late


Thanks Danyel! Totally agree with you, Currently my team are focusing on following urgent and important things:
1.Review all the old sup case by case, this should be done by tomorrow 3.15.
2.Every new ticket of the day must be handled on the same day,that is the basic requirements to my team.
3.We are building a new RMA system,so that our users can tracking the whole process and forecast target time line.

Today I’ll to write a top post to explain what we will do to improve our support service!

We must be better and we can be better! Thanks all for your patience.


ok,please email me. mozi.wei@pimaxvr.com


Hi @mozi,
I also have a dead pixel issue running at SUPEN-1980, please take care of that, thank you.


Mozi if this is a reply to @Zebu there is a Supen 1980 in post