[Replied]5k+ dead pixel - replacement denied



sorry,made a mistake just now


Bump can Pimax clarify what the grounds are for getting a new replacement unit due to dead pixels? I’m aware replacements are assessed on a case-by-case basis, but could Pimax please clarify if three or more dead pixels around the edges or does just one dead pixel meet the requirements for RMA if its in the middle of the sweet spots?

Pimax might I also suggest you change your policy on replacement units for dead pixels, for a $100 voucher is a slap in the face to consumers who spent $800 on a product, there’s an expectation of quality and any if you were taken to court over any breach in consumer law, you would be forced to reimburse + damages.

A major fault in a product in Australian consumer law (my country, and a lot of other backers) entitles the customer to either their choice of replacement or refund.

A major fault is defined as anything that would have prevented a consumer from purchasing a product, had they known about the fault.

There is also a reasonable expectation that any product will last for a specific duration, and that depends on how long other similar products last for (i.e. if a processor dies in 3 months from the date of purchase you can claim a refund because there is a reasonable expectation a processor should last anywhere from 5-10 years, or more, without developing any problems or failing.)

Take this advice how you will but if you decide not to change your policy it could get messy for you when you start opening offices up in other countries.

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your sup is in tracking, our guys feedback you hours ago, please comment us on the SUP


@Zebu That’s 5 dead pixels, that should meet the grounds for a replacement.


Great! basically,if the dead pixels affect the usage, even one dead pixel in the middle of the sweet spots, we will provide the replacements. for the case we provide $100 is base on the preconditions that the dead pixel are in the edge and won’t affect the user experience. anyway we will clarify the ground rules formally.


Hi :slight_smile: I was hesitant to order a pimax after reading about qc control issues then I came across this post. Thanks alot for working on improvements mozi :slight_smile:


We will arrange the replacements ASAP. please pay attention to the SUP updates


Great news, but there needs to be a public announcement about it to clarify the confusion as many would believe they are only entitled to a $100 voucher based on Pimax’s last official response on the issue. That kind of policy to offer just a $100 voucher for dead pixels only hurts potential sales and it hurts the public perception of quality and customer service pimax is giving to customers. This $100 voucher policy for dead pixels would also hurt pimax legally through all the legal matters that may be filed for reimbursement, compensation and damages for devices with major faults that should be covered by warranty. @mozi @Dallas.Hao @PimaxUSA @Matthew.Xu @Doman.Chen @Alan.sun @xunshu @Pimax-Support @PimaxVR @Sean.Huang


yes, will post right now.


I am editing the public announcement.


@Dallas.Hao Could you please provide a link to the updated public announcement?



@mozi Please help to check SUPEN-1933. My dead pixel is locate at the 1/3 of total height to the bottom. It’s near the center of my right eye. Althoght i had try to ignore it but i found that i can’t that everytime i use. I still hope to make a arrange for replacement. Thanks.


hi Allan should have checked your issue by team view, I wonder whether he fixed your issue?


@mozi They are checking the issue that HDM can’t wake up after sleep. But not talking about the issue of dead pixel.


Indeed @mozi a tesmviewer session cannot from my awareness see dead pixels.


@Heliosurge @mozi @Doman.Chen I had provide the pictures and video of the dead pixel to Doman.Chen before.


I checked the photo and video, I will arrange the replacement.