[Replied]5k+ does this look like light bleed?



Trying to figure out if this is light bleed. @spamenigma you had light bleed, correct? If so, does this look familiar?

Pimax 5K+ seems to have developed bad lightbleed from both lenses

Looks like light bleed to me.


It looks like it, not identical in those pics but quite possible. Is it in one eye?

A couple of links here with images:


Yeah, I have bright yellowish leaking in bottom right corner of my right lense. The rest of the lense catches it and reflects it around my vision at times. I tried to take a photo with an angle that makes it look the best it can be in the second photo but I can’t get rid of it. I can even see it in bright scenes if I look down at it.


Sorry to see, yea seems like its the same problem. :frowning_face:

Get straight onto the ticket thing and get it logged, hopefully since for some they are responding quicker now and supposedly have a lot of stock on way to warehouses it will be quick to get a replacement, and no need to send that back until replacement arrives (for backers).


Bummer thing is I can’t log into my support account and they haven’t given me a fix. It’s been weeks… :grimacing: I did email support and they responded looking for pics which I sent. Hopefully this will take care of it before the new year.


Backer 4277 here, got my 5K+ last tuesday (22/01/2019) but just got around to fully testing it.

I also experience a LOT of that same yellow glow in both lenses… in a 100% black VR-environment (in my case, I used Whirligig video player to play a 100% black video that is used for calibration of monitors and screens) you can already see it by just looking at the HMD:

There is a dark cross that you can see in the screenshot above. That’s a black as it can get with the LCD. But the glow coming from the corners is just horrible.

Very distracting when playing…


it’s about the same for each eye. I’ll log a supen, I guess… Too bad, because it’s tracking fine, no dead pixels…

Edit: I’ve created SUPEN-1562 for this… @Dallas.Hao (add to earlybackers to plz)


Exactly what I’m experiencing. It’s really bad. Since my support account isn’t working, I’ve tried to have this resolved by emailing support. Been going back and forth and was able to send them pictures but still waiting for a response and resolution @Matthew.Xu @Sean.Huang @Dallas.Hao @Alan.sun @PimaxUSA @PimaxVR


If I’m honest slowly I get the feeling, that there are a lot of problems, for me this is looking like a bad QA check just to get the HMD shipped. Too bad …


Be sure its not light bleed from the air vents in the bottom of the headset. Try playing in the dark. If its still there then you have a problem. I have nothing that looks like that on mine.


Vents? Never thought about that. I’ve played a lot in a dark room but I’ll check it out for sure.


I covered the vents and that’s not it. It’s light bleed from the panels.


Nope, it’s not light leaking in via those tiny vents. In a pitchdark room, with the 5K+ placed on the table, the result is the same.

I made a small video of it. Again, pitch dark room, with a 100% black VR-environment in Whirligig, playing a 100% black calibration video file. My Vive wands were also on the table, in front of the 5K+ but even watching nothing but black, the glow is there. The white-yellow glow is everywhere:


It seems that the panels are leaking the yellow light from the corner. It is definitely a flaw.


Welcome to the wonderful world of fresnel lenses.


well, my OG Vive fresnel lenses don’t exhibite the same behavior in the same test setup. True, they don’t have the same FOV, are OLED (but still too grey for my taste, black isn’t black) and the 5K+ lenses would bend light in different ways as they are bigger and shaped differently. But when I demo’d the 5K+ in Gouda it was nothing like this. So I like to believe I have some reference material to compare to. Still think it’s a flaw in that the LCD’s have lightbleed on their edges.

Or is what me and Tyler are talking about here happening on all 5K+ devices and to be considered normal? If so, how can you not find it distracting? It’s like someone pointing a flashlight/torch in your face while you stare into the darkness.


Mine do.

Believe me: I find it extremely distracting, and have been nagging about it incessantly, since the Vive and Rift CV1 came out. (EDIT: …including several times using your very torch-in-the-face simile almost verbatim)

EDIT2: There are also several things that could be afoot: I recall when people were about to get demos, before delivery began, and were asking for things to look out for, I listed both edge bleed, and polarisation effects affecting off-axis viewing: This rather nice LCD monitor I am looking at right now, whilst typing this, looks terrible off-axis; Blacks turn to grey and vice versa; The background blocks behind quoted text on this forum turn the same white as the rest of the page, etc. This is rather relevant when one have a 170 degree field of view, and the angle of one’s incoming gaze meet the display panel at a very oblique angle in the periphery.

(Half minded cracking my 5k+ open, and experiment with a few things, such as masking the (out of sight anyway) corners, and modifying lens-to-screen distance, which I ended op doing with my Vive, to fix its scale issue)


I have owned the OG Vive, Vive Pro, Odyssey, Lenovo Explorer, or Oculus Go. I have owned all of these different headsets and have never experienced this.


Does your Pimax or Vive look like this inside the headset?


Very well, I’ve got it bad in both Vive and Rift, despite tons of people claiming there is nothing of the sort, nor any screen door effect for that matter. (Just added a few bits to my previous post, by the way.)