[Replied]5k+ does this look like light bleed?



Not from just one corner: It is all over. (EDIT: I guess it looks like this in your picture, because the camera is looking in at an angle, from the top left (EDIT2: All the ridges between the fresnel segments catch and disperse the light from the central imagery))

Now, I haven’t been using my Vive the past several months, because I broke it, but the Rift I dusted off to use in its place, whilst waiting for the Pimax, certainly had a lot of glare too, just somewhat different in character, due to the thinner fresnel segmenting, and it never reached as far as any other device, with its abysmal FOV; I actually got this ugly banding effect, where the edges of the video splash you depict faded to black in a few discrete steps, and then it was grey all around (EDIT3: …but that I would ascribe to the black smear fix). :stuck_out_tongue:


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Hi @Dallas.Hao
@Sean.Huang @Doman.Chen
Are you asking me to submit it? I’ve been asking you about this but I can’t access my support account. I want to resolve this and have a replacement sent. Can you help me??

Sean and Doman have been cc’d in emails have photos including the ones in this thread.


@PimaxUSA @Dallas.Hao
@Sean.Huang @Doman.Chen

It keeps asking for a correct captcha over and over even when I put it in correctly. I can not access my support account to get a support number.

How can we resolve this?


As I have the same remarks as Tyleristall, I piggybacked this thread and mentioned earlier I’ve logged SUPEN-1562 which is currently in “Work in progress” status for Doman Chen.


If any of your support conversations nets you replacement units, and those prove better (…or any outcome, for that matter); Please follow up here, so that the rest of us get to know, and can follow suit. :7


Of course I’ll follow-up on it here! If Pimax were to send a replacement I’d report back. I just hope it’s done before the brexit :stuck_out_tongue:
But I would’ve expected more discussion if this occurred on every device as it’s like nothing I’ve seen before?

For what it’s worth, my 5K+ has no dead pixels, I can just barely see the black dots but not an issue for me, SDE is minimal and not at all bothersome for me like it is on the Vive and has (up until now) no cracks. And it’s an ‘earlier’ version with a scuffed black outerbox and no prints on the strap and power adapter boxes. I like it very much, just need to minimize that glare.


I made an experiment with my phone display, which is 2560x1440 IPS, full WGR|BGR stripe (yes, it has this particular matrix). When looked at in a dark room and displaying black, it is actually pretty bright and shows slightly more light bleed around the edge. It is nothing that impacts normal usage as soon as there is anything displayed, the eye adaptation to the contrast eliminates the light bleed.

Then there is another interesting thing. When I look at the display at a sharp angle (e.g. 20°), it looks almost white and lit. I mean the whole panel is lit, not just the edges. I assume it might be related to the high resolution and the light bleed of the individual pixels, or some other property of the IPS matrix, or it is an optical effect and I am actually seeing the same amount of light bleed from the matrix at every angle, but now from the sharp angle it is visually covering a smaller surface.

On top of that, when turning the display around its axes I can see it produces the slightly darker center area, like a darker patch running along the axis through the center of the panel.

I could imagine, that if I put a Fresnel lens on top of that, it could, by its Fresnel rings, accumulate the light which is dispersed by the panel at the sharp angle and produce the exactly same effect as you observe in the HMD = the lens will look lit at the outer rim (from the captured light) and will form dark cross over the display axes.


@TimoLimo @Tyleristall @jojon

Do you still have this issue or did you get support to resolve?



Maybe someone has already tried this but is it possible to turn off back light on the Pimax? Or even turn it down?


The latest PiTool (x.95) has a brightness control, but only 3 settings: Dimmer, Normal, Brighter. There have been reports of issues, so I’d suggest waiting for the next version.


Sorry, no news from my end. Doman Chen has put my supen in ‘Work In Progress’ 7 minutes after creating it last Sunday and I was asked for some pictures and/or video, which I delivered (most of them were posted in this thread as well) .
It’s been total silence since. Chinese New Year already, I guess? :smile:

I’ve been trying to reposition the headset so the glow is less bothersome, but no luck (yet).
In the meantime I’m waiting for my 3D printed DAS adapters to arrive in the mail to help in that regard :slight_smile:

I’d love to see the same kind of photosnap/video as I took (or Tyleristall’s pictures) from other people their 5K+, just to be able to have a comparison with devices where the users don’t notice, or at least are not bothered by that yellow glow.


I’m on the .95 version of PiTool, and I’ve tried all three brightness control settings, but they have little to no impact on the glow I’m experiencing, unfortunately.


I just test Affected the manner yesterday, the game is dark, but look cover by the brightness layer and it make me to see a lot of detail in the game. I am suspect that this is about display brightness and contrast or light bleed too.


Same here, had to open a new account.

For me this is no display lightbleed. Move the hmd on your face and the glow changes a lot. Its a reflection of the base lcd brightness (bad blacklevel) caused by the lenses.


@TimoLimo @ICDP

Just received a message they are applying for my replacement. Good news!!


For my part, I haven’t registered a complaint, and am waiting to hear how things go for the other guys, just like you.

Personally, I don’t expect much; These sort of things are exactly what I had anticipated, given the natures of LCD displays and Fresnel lenses (EDIT: …especially with the angles of attack we are dealing with here), even with careful tuning… but I’d be delighted to hear we can get better, because it is quite terrible.


Hey Tyleristall,

Any update on your replacement? Or did the Chinese New Year cause a delay?


They asked me to send in my Pimax and they’ll send the replacement when they receive it. I plan on doing this tomorrow.


hi Tyleristall,

already 3 weeks later… Any news? I’m currently holding off sending in mine based on your experience (no pressure :grin:!). Did your replacement arrive already and if so, is the issue resolved? My fear is to trade the yellow glow for other issues :wink: