[Replied]5k+ Thousands of random sparkling pixels (different colors) all over the HMD, and black screen flickering (image going off/on)


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can you please invite me, too? i have the same pixel problem


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Hi Doman,
please invite me also? I have the same issue with random sparkling pixels.



I am the OP.

It seems the aluminium foil is not 100% fixing the issue. It is “better” but still there. The image loss (for a split second) is gone when using the aluminium foil, but the sparkles are still present. Pimax say they will send me a new cable…still waiting.


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@Dallas.Hao @Alan.sun
connected my new cable today.
the error is not resolved.
now and then are a few flickering pixel … with the new cable is another error has come, sound interference … crackle.

slowly I lose patience.
I have other things to do to deal with such a crap …


You have SAME issue than me! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hEMEsxH27Cw


@Ralf, wow, that is scary…I spent 1400$ on this…

@PimaxVR Please sort this


if pimax does not soon get their problems under control i will reclaim my money … and focus on the HMD of XTAL.


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I have the exact same problem - just plugged mine in and boom, colours flickering like so many here…

what the…?


I have same problem got my pimax today and I have thousands of sparkles all throughout the scenes. Probably need replacement cable @Doman.Chen


Please create a ticket from support: https://pimaxvr.com/pages/feedback


Now i am waiting for two weeks for the new cable. But i dont get the promised tracking number and my mails are ignored. This is not customer support !!