[Replied]8K Connected and tracking with no image


Kickstarter backer - just got my headset unexpectedly in the mail today. Drivers installed and working for about an hour, closed steam VR and went to eat.

Came back and put headset on and one eye is showing no image. Reinstalled drivers, rebooted a few times. Only right eye is working. A few more reboots and I’m getting a green LED but now nothing to either eye. SteamVR mirror shows it’s tracking properly but not giving any output whatsoever.

Currently only tested on my 3930K + 1080ti (SLI disabled) system. Tried onboard usb 3.0 and an addon 3.1 card with newer chipsets and it connects and goes green, but fails to render anything to the display. USB seems to be working, it’s just the display that’s not. Just using the default displayport plug into my 1080ti.

Tested on a second machine - much newer chipset 8700 + 1080. Same issue, no display at all. Reseated the cable on the headset and I got back to one one working (right eye), but left eye still seems totally dead.

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Good luck on your replacement.
I had the exact same problem with my 5k+ and I’m 2 weeks waiting for pimax to bother to arrange collection of the headset
They confirmed the fault, but once they do that, you’re waiting weeks for the new headset to ship :frowning:


Hi sorry to hear. To confirm your a backer?

Added pokes to your post. If it is determined to need replacement should start to be easier with US branch gearing up.


Yes, backer number 2966. I tried to create a support ticket but after creating an account it won’t let me login. Password reset and still throws password failure.


Yeah that’s why I added pokes. There still working on finding a solution on the support site issues.


Bump, still busted with no contact from support.

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They’ve been fairly busy. Hopefully they have time to respond soon.


Please create a ticket from support: https://pimaxvr.com/pages/feedback


Ok, I’m seriously getting angry now. I’ve been trying for months since I made this post to make a support ticket but the page is always down.

It’s been saying " The webpage at https://work.pimaxvr.com:8080/servicedesk/customer/portal/5 might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address." for the last several months.

How am I supposed to get support on my busted headset if they don’t take tickets and don’t answer the forum? I’ve literally had a useless box of parts since March.


Send @SweViver a pm & he can likely help you.