[Replied]Able to get a replacement set of Lens for my 4K please?



Ok,thanks,will wait for your message.


made the payment via paypal, and attached a screenshot of payment proof, replied in ticket also.

Many thanks



Got it,please check support ticket.


Thanks for getting back with me, I paid with PayPal for the lenses on March 29th, Supen 1879.


Please attach details to that ticket,thanks.


Is this yet another bot reply?? What details do you need, please tell me!? I have already confirmed my shipping address twice, Also my shipping address is in the PayPal transaction. What details do you need??


e.g,screenshot of payment.


Ok PayPal transaction screenshot uploaded to my Supen 1879. You just sent me an email stating you needed my phone number so I responded to the email with my phone number, anything else???


Great,that’s enough,thanks.


Please reply to support ticket,do not reply to the email directly,thanks.


Ok no problem. I put my phone number on the Supen ticket too


The lenses will be sent out soon.
@stixvr @Enopho