[Replied]Another cracked housing. SUPEN-3411


My new Pimax 5k+ developed a crack/hole in the bottom corner of the front casing.
The headset was never abused, mishandled or dropped whatsoever. (seated flight sim use only)

Such a shame as i love the device, what can be done to help ?

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Yeah this is unfortunate & quite evident they need to look into the front housing design. Added mozi to your post.


thank you kindly Heliosurge.
the bad news is that i’m not a backer, this device was pre-ordered last december, so it’s not an early unit and pre-ordered devices are also plagued with the defect it seems…


Yeah it seems with the front housing needs reinforcing.


The after sales team had replied to you on your ticket SUPEN-3411,please kindly check,thanks.


Hi, I did reply.
I declined the 100 dollars voucher, and requested a new device to be shipped provided the cracking issue is fixed.
I was then told a replacement would be sent to me, but that I have to be patient.

Are you waiting something more from me ?


No,just wait for the message from after sales team,thanks.


same problem as you
memes probleme que toi


Faulty headset made its way back to the UK Warehaouse, waiting for the new one to ship now…
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Who / What email is the sales team?


Hi, Michael has updated on the SUP.