[Replied]Cracked Casing, 5k+ backer 3993



Hey all,

First off, let me start by saying I’ve been blown away with the 5k+, and you guys definitely delivered on the promises made in the kickstarter.

Unfortunately, I don’t believe the cracked casing issue in production has been fixed before my headset was produced, as it’s starting to show a small crack in similar areas as the other people.

Never been hit/dropped, and has been resting on carpet when not in use.

Since I’m based in the US, I figure I’ll wait until the us offices open to contact so the turnaround can be quicker. Is there any date for opening so I know when to open a ticket?

Picture: https://imgur.com/31urYBp

s/n 20360584701607 model P2

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Our after-sales dept will contact you by email ASAP.
Please be patient.


Thanks for the reply Doman. Just to update, I found two more cracks. One towards the top on a corner, and another on the opposite side near the top. Will post more pics shortly.


Please provide more pictures as you can,thanks.


Just a heads up, someone from the after sales team did contact me and arranged for it to be sent back to the US office. I shipped it out today.

Sorry for the delay, here are the pictures:


UPDATE - Disregard below: It was picked up today.

After mailing to the address provided in San Jose CA, nobody was available to receive the shipment. Is someone going to be able to pick it up? I’m worried because there is another thread where they’re having issues delivering it there as well.



Just to update again. I have been reimbursed for shipping.

However, after originally being told there were enough headsets in the us warehouse, I’m now being told I have to wait for them to be shipped from China to the warehouse, then they’ll send me a replacement.

Not ideal and probably a misunderstanding/miscommunication, but at least it’s still happening. I’ll continue to keep this thread updated


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I received my replacement headset today, and out of the box the casing is cracked…

I just went 3 weeks without the headset to receive one with the same issue.