[Replied]Cracked Casing 8K -- SUPEN-3587



I also had a problem with the casing cracking.
The biggest cracks are cracks generated by the force applied from the inside to the outside.
The cracks at the bottom were small at first, but spread and increased.

I have written an exchange application. Please confirm.
Thank you.

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It’s sad to see ALOT of cracked casing complains.
When ever it is very cheap design or bad protective packaging.

But again there is radio silence for how long i dont know…


Currently manufactured products are also cracked.


Alan has replied to you on your ticket,please wait for the message from after sales team,thanks for your understanding.


Hmm all these support request and problems with cracked casings and broken cables, not to mention long wait times, has me seriously thinking the quality of the materials used to make these units are sub par…


I received my second message today.
If I ship to Hong Kong, I received a reply that after the product arrived in Hong Kong, I would send a replacement.
Tomorrow or two days later I go to the FedEx office.
I hope it will be handled well without problems.


There was a problem with FedEx.
Fedex in this country was instructed to submit a customs refund application together with the exchange.
The problem is that I have to write the amount I have to write on my invoice for $ 449, if I write $ 80, I will not get a refund of the tariff, and the exchanged product will have to pay another $ 449 tariff on arrival.
When I wrote it for $ 449, PiMax came back home without shipment because I saw damage.
To solve this problem, give me the RMA return label.
(I have also communicated this to the Pimax Support Center.)

In order to avoid tariff problems, it is necessary to proceed to repair, not 1: 1 exchange,
To sum up, if the s / n number listed on the device of the product you received is different from the previous product, it will not be tax-exempt.

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Hi Michael update the sup, could we move to there for this issue.