[Replied]Dear Pimax , where are the UK backers headsets?



I thought I’d make a thread regarding this, as it’s mentioned in a few threads.
Maybe all the UK backers still waiting for tracking e.t.c could post in here.
I’m backer 1298 , been promised delivery 2 weeks ago , should be at UK warehouse and delivered by now , maybe Pimax could update us in here?
Also anyone who gets tracking and delivery info from now. :grinning:


Looks like no delivery today either :sob:


Still waiting here. Backer 1381.


No tracking no here either even though I am in Australia I have been told it is being shipped from the UK . It’s Friday afternoon here so looks like nothing this week .


Mine was ‘1/7 in SH’ and still nothing as well (i am in France) while several people with same status already have their HMDs for 2 weeks…
I am sure pimax have some info, please provide an update.


Your headset and fellow UK backers headsets probably reside in a hold of a cargo ship in a dark moist container…forever calling for its master; hoping one day it will reach you. And you, you lust for its arrival hoping its large warm luscious bosoms makes it way to you; together, you become one, from Monday-Friday after work and until 2100, which then you need to wash your ass and brush your teeth before bed, but you have all day Saturday and Sunday.

Or it could be sitting in customs, scared, lonely, laying bare for all the world to see as the inspectors lick your headsets each having a nefarious look in their eyes; asserting their dominance over your headset. They high five each other while feverishly working their way to climax as each and every post asking for a status on your headset inches them closer. You wait at home; powerless, hopeless and dreaming one day it will arrive.

You come here each and every day hoping for an answer. Instead you are met with silence and disappointment.

You come to the realization that you have backed delays, half-truths, silence, and torturous waiting. The headset was never the prize; it was just a bonus; only to be redeemed when all remnants of hope is gone and you can no longer shed tears, as you shed them all watching youtubers and non backers receive their headsets before you. And each night while you lay in bed staring into the darkness trying to catch a glimpse of light…any light, but there is none.

As you lay in bed you hear a faint noise. You focus your ears and attention to that noise. It sounds like laughter, champagne bottles popping, the metallic sounds of a gold chained monocles and the thuds of top hats falling to the ground after being tossed in the air in a celebratory fashion. You are unsure if the sounds are real, it sounds distant…distant like in an office somewhere in China.

As the tears on your cheeks dry you finally fall asleep. You need your strength. Tomorrow is another day where silence and hopelessness awaits.

[Pimax Official]To Pimax 8K backers

I too am waiting and my 4kbe refused to switch off causing the pimax logo the burn into the screen so ruins the experience since under guarantee with pimax I have for a few weeks been trying to get a repair but they say they need pics but the logo is ghosted on all images but won’t show on any pics I have taken.
They say without pics they cannot do RMA just a warning for all you guys out their about their after care service.
And yes I am in UK awaiting my 8k and 5k as well
@Dallas.Hao @Matthew.Xu @Sean.Huang


Still waiting for any info I’m backer 4998.
Thank you.


Thats how im feeling now, the true prize is your stories and if i get my headset that’ll be nice too


they will give us an updated spreadsheet toaday. I wonder how the status changed…


china is 8hrs ahead of UK so today is running out fast lol


the sheets where given out late (relation to china) i guess. we have to wait


Easy solution: bring back tracking for shipments between China and overseas warehouses, no need for spreadsheets.

Suppose nobody wants you to know how sausage is made though.


becoming the new norm waiting for half truths or cloudy replies


okay i guess pimax has to deposit an gps tracker in the shiping container to give more precise answers :stuck_out_tongue:
The overall mood is getting down i know but we have to stay postive


sounds reasonable :stuck_out_tongue:
sf-express had tracking


truth rather than trackers will work just as good


Hopefully some news for UK backers, I’m 1509 and the closer it seems to get the more frustrating it is! :slight_smile:


Europe Backer 5xxx 5k

Uk Backer 1xxx 5k

This seems to be the state of play


Seems about right