[Replied]Dear Pimax , where are the UK backers headsets?



Yeh I agree that seems to be what’s happened, what I remain confused about is how backer 4XXX in Germany had their hmd dispatched to them from the UK warehouse, before 1XXX backers in the UK had theirs dispatched.


That`s a hell of a lot of replacements


For all we know it could have been a bad batch of HMD`s that pimax found out about and did not want released out into the open, this would at least of made more sense.


A considerable percentage of the recently landed UK devices were used as replacements for devices that required repair or replacement. In almost all cases a new unit from the warehouse was simply dispatched to the customer as a replacement. This depleted the available UK supply to cover the deliveries.

But ^ is the official explanation from PimaxUSA.


Good theory maybe they recalled all the rotten plastic units, manufactured in the weeks 46-48 (if mem serves©)


Even in that case they would have gain respect saying the truth.
i just believe the fact and fact is some backers are using uk’s backers headsets.
No excuse here.


I’m sorry, I can’t stop myself from adding my 5 cents to the gossip and conspiracy theories wave in this forum.

Somebody here said that he is pre-order number in 14xx. It could be that there are more than 500 - 800 pre-orders in UK/EU.
Pimax said that they would start shipping the pre-orders on 25.01.
According to the spreadsheet from 25.01 all 5K+ KS orders has been produced.
Pictures of shipments from today/yesterday had 5K+, no 8Ks, in totals around 400 units.

What if at some point Pimax realised that they won’t be able to ship all EU/UK pre-orders in time (because of long shipping time from China and the rate of replacements) and decided to hold KS orders in UK warehouse for pre-orders to make sure that they will be delivered as stated.


We will see very soon…


If that happens and i see preorders turn up earlier than my Unit i let the warhouse get Roger Stoned 6 o’clock in the morning.


@PimaxUSA , is there any way you could contact Dallas and ask them to send us our headset.
I do no see why i would have to wait any longer, i don’t accept it.
They claim having stock here.

Edit :

i do not care if it comes with wrong plug, got plenty of adapters.


“KS Backer! Open the Door!”

Pimax opened the door.


I’m not saying that they will start the pre-order deliveries before KS. It may be that both will be happening same time around mid to end of February. Or else…


uk and some europe backers. im from europe and im in the same situation


Oh no, Subnautica Below Zero goes Early Access tomorrow and I don’t have my 5K+ yet :frowning:


Has VR been confirmed for it yet? I know it’s “expected” to support it as much as the previous title did, but it isn’t listed as supporting VR (like the original does) on the early access page :frowning:


Checked their forum, unfortunately:

Originally posted by Obraxis:

Sadly we don’t think we’ll be able to do VR justice. Not because we don’t love VR (we do) or all own multiple headsets (we do)…We wanted to do a better job with SN1 but time and availability of people was difficult. We just don’t want people having a bad experience in VR for Below Zero, so we’re likely not doing it unless we can find the time. Making the game itself is the top priority.

I hope that they will listen to community and implement VR as in the original game soon.

Sorry this is a bit offtopic - I created a post in VR content forum.


Thanks for the clear and honest response, much appreciated.


you are a fucking star for laying it out plainly. thank you. 0 bullshit is my favourite flavour.


Will the new shipment be the headsets without the black dot issue?


Let’s face the facts. It would be an incredible high number of the backers that are VR enthusiasts. We would have heard/read most returns as people complian more online. I myself don’t see a hell of a lot to justify over 250 Oceania and I’m sure there are a lot more from the uk warehouse.

I’m sure us HK warehouse maybe delivery people are going to experience the same delay. Whatever that is. I expect announcement saying or headsets are in fact in the uk warehouse.