[Replied]Dear Pimax , where are the UK backers headsets?



Cant say id be very happy if my headset was re-diverted to someone with a functional yet cracked headset.

At least they have something to tide them over untill a replacement arrived. Robbing those patiently waiting is going to piss off many people. If im affected then id be adding myself to that list…


I was able to confirm some additional news. I can see on the list that there are 0 backers with 5K+ who have a confirmed addresses that remain to be shipped. So literally they are focusing on manually contacting people where we don’t have a confirmed address.
PS. I entered a special new confirmed address for the indomitable Jean-Mehdi on the Moon.
He can pick it up anytime.
But seriously - if you are concerned you don’t have a confirmed address please do the following: Send an email to support@pimaxvr.com that includes: 1) your backer number, 2) your full confirmed address, 3: your full name, 4) your selection of device (5k+ or 8k).

Thank you all SO MUCH for your incredible patience.


Awesome , are you able to look into what is happening with the Australian delivery’s . Dallas was looking into it yesterday but I haven’t heard back from him .


Also an Australian looking to get some tracking information.
Dallas told us that all Australian backers should have received a tracking number by now but the Spreadsheet says otherwise.


They know my address. Confirmed by a message from Dallas some time ago when there was a tracking number put next to my backer number which was incorrect. Still waiting for my headset though.

Backer no. 1381.


It’s just a pillowtalk, baby.

Same as @PimaxUSA saying send an email to pimaxvr in case of problems, seems that nobody is home.


The whole team is working today and Saturday, actually. The request I put out was related to if you are worried your address is not correct or not confirmed then the best way is to Send an email to support@pimaxvr.com that includes: 1) your backer number, 2) your full confirmed address, 3: your full name, 4) your selection of device (5k+ or 8k).

The reason is there are still some issues with JIRA that is requiring Dallas and that part of the team to manually go through each address.

Headset couldnt be delivered. What now?
Apology for the delays with Kickstarter campaign

Thanks. Well I’ve sent my email anyway, can’t hurt to make sure. I really hope CNY isn’t going to stop delivery of headsets already on the way.


Just sent mine as well here’s to crossing everything for a result :roll_eyes:


I hope so too, I’ve been asking for days here:


Can we atleast get an update on roughly how many headsets are on the way to the UK, when they left their last port of call etc. Anything that will give us a rough idea on when UK deliveries might start happening again.


Nice tongue in check :wink:

But seriously too :slight_smile: , i think i have the right to be disappointed (and lets be honest, also angry) when i saw in your post they replaced faulty units with UK backers headsets and the fact that could not get any answer from Dallas or Matthew a part from headset is on his way.
My address is confirmed for a while, they did not have any issue with it and headset was on 7/1 SH batch (2310).
I am not especially here to make friend or be backer of the year, as many other i have been told untruth stories with no reason.
In your post you said that uk batch was going to be 8/10 days, can i expect my headset soon or will it be after Spring Festival ?
Looks like you are honest and go direct to point.
But in the past, in many occasion Pimax did not behave as such and here’s why i became vocal .


That’s what forums are for i thought ? to talk about whats happening with whatever is ,why should we feel like we have said to much ?
there has been more than a single reason to vent
this is pimaxs forums how they treat us as a whole is represented on our replies /reactions and i am also guilty of an out burst or two that should of been easily avoided


so where is the Germans threat about didnt get our Headsets to push my delivery? Just kidding! Hope we all get ours in the first weeks of feb.


I know i cant wait to get vr,ing again


I completely agree with you, but looks like i became the bad guy for not being happy being treated like that.
And sorry, not very professional answer if you want my opinion but hey i understand, when one is Indomitable it can be frustrating.
Have nothing against Kevin or Pimax USA as never had any issue with them in the past.
i understand they want to back Pimax in general but they should also admit the fact that it wasn’t fair on us at all, and not send us to shut up, again no answer regarding headset being delivered before or after Spring festival.
Some backers even insulted Pimax directly but never saw anyone getting mad at them…
Anyway, will not spend the day here, got tracking number and have to catch a rocket in 30 min :rocket::full_moon_with_face:


Considering PiMax has been telling outright lies for over a year it is completely reasonable to be angry with them. Given the GDPR breach of all our details a few weeks ago that they wont even respond to a complaint about I can’t imagine they are going to survive very long as a company when the fines start rolling in. What they are doing just isn’t legal in the EU and the Uk let alone any sense of good customer service.

I am done with them as a company, if the headset arrives it’ll be on ebay straight away as I want nothing to do with this company ever again. This is a dishonest company to its core. When caught in the lie all PiMax does as a company stops talking, a consistent thing they have done repeatedly over the year and a bit we have backed them. It is nice to finally get some truth but it is too little too late, there is no way that one support guy is going to undo all the damage the dishonest CEO and other PiMax staff have done. This is not a company to support in any form.


Sweet im glade you finally got tracking no ,o wait is that a joke on a joke or did you really get tracking No?


Sorry i didn’t mate, but just in case i go there now :wink:


Ok but remember the chines are on the darkside so use the force when you get there A