[Replied]Dear Pimax , where are the UK backers headsets?



Will there be any info/update today? Im curious


Hi I’ve just emailed as requested.
Backer 3652 in Australia.


:laughing: You found my old picture. I still use it as my desktop wallpaper and I’m not going to replace it until my 8K finally arrives.


I don’t see a shovel.


1-you didn’t tell me to bring one .
2- did you try to use a shovel with one of those ? :joy:


So it’s been 8 days since “8-10 days” to UK warehouse, I think. Assuming this is calendar days, not working days.

31XX, UK, here, keeping an eye on that dpd app.


Should be any day now :slight_smile:



I don’t know why I torture myself logging on here everyday to see if backers in my range and region have got anything yet! Is it too early to hope I’ll have the package and then the tense wait for tracking number? :joy:

I’ve seen someone just 100 off my number getting their headset in USA but a ship can make USA much quicker than UK, we could be anything between 1 and 3 weeks further, possibly depending on how active Somali pirates are this time of year :pirate_flag:

At least the wait is giving me plenty of time to browse the Steam Lunar New Year sales and picking up some treats to test the Pimax on; so close yet so far, maybe not today and maybe not tomorrow, but someday and soon. We’ll always have PimaxVR forums.


c.mon now stop torturing your self ,go check the spreed sheet instead :crazy_face:


So it’s been 9 days since we were given the 8-10 days to arrive in the UK. Should definitely be next week maximum is everything that was said is true.

Seeing new posts literally every day about backers in the US getting theirs is getting hard. :frowning:


There’s no rest.

image https://media1.tenor.com/images/be1e221431e589b8ed688e236416cdf6/tenor.gif?itemid=5595526


I’m also a UK backer (Backer #1043).

I backed the 8K-X headset, but was sent an email (on November 30th) about requesting a loaner headset until it is available.
I selected an 8K headset for my loaner, provided my address details etc. but have not received a tracking number.

When will the remaining 8K headsets begin to be dispatched to UK backers, and other backers across the world?

EDIT: Ok, I can see that the headset is in the ‘building’ phase from the spreadsheet on here:

Is Pimax finding it very difficult to build the 8K headsets? Just judging by the volume that still need to be made.


and you see this




When DPD pulls up out side your house but then delivers to your neighbour.

image https://media0.giphy.com/media/IFpVKDqOo84F2/giphy.gif


When pimax decides to send your egerly waited 8k to 5k+ backer as a replacment

This is how they see us :rofl:

us really


When you died waiting and then it arrives.

image https://cdn.skim.gs/image/upload/v1528862828/ealxwjhz6orxhbzpoy1r.gif


I hate the not knowing,cant wait to see the first uk backer get a tracking number so we know theyve landed and passed customs



When Pimax lies to you!


You uk’ers are making me laugh. You will need a new spreadsheet to say “shipped” then another 2 weeks