[Replied]Dear Pimax , where are the UK backers headsets?



USA rep goes to visit pimax and lo and behold lots of USA pimax head sets are delivered coincidence i think not UK backer last in line again


10 days since you posted this @PimaxUSA - any news?


There aren’t any people in the office until after Feb. 11th.


It does look like coincidence because they were receiving them even before his visit. Its just that a few more have also arrived since.


Are the guys in the office personally doing the deliveries? Lol


Seems to contradict his previous statement:


He means deliveries should continue with no hold ups, but no-one from Pimax will be able to give updates until they are back in the office.


So you’ve had a delivery?


Nope. I’m hoping in the next few working days, or if not, an update from Pimax then.


Hi - those aren’t contradictory statements as others have pointed out. Once we ship (which we did) it goes to the shipping companies. All of those are operating now and are not located in mainland China and therefore do not shut down for CNY. Our own SH office which is not a shipping transport company is out for CNY until after Feb. 11th.


Has preorder shipping started yet?


So day 11 of the 8-10days delivery time to the UK warehouse and no sign of a tracking number. Another weekend gone without my Pimax.:face_vomiting:

You guys ready for the excuse on Tuesday? Any bets?

Here is what i think what happened. The freighter was attacked by the Nautilus at Cape Horn. The Nautilus and Captain Nemo with our Pimaxes on board got dragged into the deep by the Kraken. The Kraken with the Nautilus was eaten by Moby Dick. Moby Dick was catched by a Japanese Whaler.

The Whaler was rammed by the Rainbow Warrior the green Nerds at least secured the Headsets. The Greenpeace Ship was sabotaged by the french secret service and the Rainbow Worrier sank. The sunken ship was rediscovered by Gordon Copper from space and he created a secret treasure map.

The treasure map was found by Mel Fisher who raised the ship with our Pimaxes and loaded it on another freighter. The freighter was snatched by a Somali Pirat called Jack Sparrow. Jack and his new acquired Ship had no luck and were entered by the Italian Navy.

The Italian Navy handed over Jack and the headsets to the African authorities. Somehow in Africa the captured Pimaxes were mixed up with a truck load of Ivory and have been send to China.

In China Customs intercepted the Ivory and the headsets, they created a Spreadsheet with the loot and stored it in a warehouse. Informed by Chinese Customs, Pimax forwards the Spreadsheet to us backers that the headsets arrived at Shanghai and that they are on it’s way to the oversea warehouse. In fact during the CNY the freighter almost reached CapeHorn…


So after 17 days, we still want to know ‘Dear Pimax , where are the UK backers headsets?’


And after 17 days still no answer, apart from Pimax USA , starting think that was bullpoo too now.


Been 13 days since the 8-10 day delivery to the overseas warehouse information PimaxUSA gave us. Hopefully we get some answers today because my DPD App is still looking very empty :frowning:

Just think, if they didn’t decide to use our headsets as replacements we would all have had them for about a month now. It’s pretty pathetic.


Yeah when the Kickstarter starter I don’t remember it say ‘later backers will facilitate the replacement of earlier backer headsets.’

When will this cycle end because surely after this many days of waiting there’s a whole new wave of backers needy for replacement.

Pimaxes priority No1 should be to confirm the status of UK backers - today.


Sad thing is many of the UK backers are in the 1000’s so it’s actually earlier backers facilitating the replacements for later bakers. :expressionless:


They are still later than the ones who have the faulty headsets…


Yes, don t forget all EU backers as well. We are on the same boat (i am in France and no news as well, while mine was 7/1 in SH)


Any further information please?