[Replied]Dear Pimax , where are the UK backers headsets?



I’ve still got a gut feeling they are stuck in Customs because Pimax marked the price as €120


Imagine, customs looks on the Pimax website and sees 5k+ on sale for $699. Then tries to phone their head office to ask why they have $120 on the box.


Exactly, they arnt stupid, if that’s the case , we can kiss the headsets goodbye for much longer, Pimax can’t be bothered to give us straight answers.


In this CES2019 interview Kevin Henderson aka PimaxUSA tells how shipping takes 3 weeks each way. That’s not the 10 days Pimax have previously been telling us. So if the last batch was the 29th Jan we have another week to two weeks wait before the slow boat from China reaches the UK, right?

So who which is it Pimax?


Whoop ,whoop got my DPD email about delivery taking place 14th feb:)
Don’t think I’ve anything else coming with DPD
UK Backer 1298


Me too. Email this morning at 3am via DPD. Backer 34xx.

image http://i.imgur.com/8QiMurQ.gif


47xx . no mail. QQ 20 TEARS


62xx still awaiting my 5k and my 8k and my repaired or replaced 4kBE lol
any info on any of these would be nice


Same here my good fellow,in full testing mode right now.

Happy Pimax delivery day to us both and Atmos :crazy_face:


You are taking the question out of context. The interviewer asked why there is a need for a service center in the USA. The contrast was between 2 stage shipments that use a freight forwarder and must go through customs versus shipments from a large supply of inventory at a US based warehouse. The question was unrelated to shipments to the UK or any other destination.


Sigh… yet another day and nothing :frowning:

@PimaxUSA - what is happening?

At the start of the week you said all UK headsets were at the warehouse:

256 units did indeed ship before CNY to the UK freight forwarder. 171 of those are for the remaining backers. The remainder are for replacements and pre-orders.

You said there were problems with addresses.
I’ve checked what info I entered into Kickstarter back in 2017, and yep my address info is 100% correct. I have a screenshot of my address info that was sent in the survey and that is also 100% correct.

UK backers have received some of the headsets this week but only up to ~#3300.
What has happened to the rest?
Please do not tell me ours have been used for replacements yet again.


Its got to the stage that no matter what they say you can take it with a pinch of salt as they speak with forked toungue