[Replied]Dear Pimax , where are the UK backers headsets?



Oh my God, Dallas, thats maybe another translation mishap. I hope…


Seems par for the course at this point. :wink:


I think he meant
Once UK warehouse goes well, they will send tracking number after getting delivery of the headsets


Sorry - what does that actually mean?

It sounds like it’s a positive thing, but I’ve learnt over the past year not to guess what you think Pimax are saying :slight_smile:


It means
“We haven’t the foggiest what’s going on, so tough cookies”


Yup, still no sign of my headset too.


it means it goes very well for other european countries


Dallas has just posted these figures, hmmm?


mine was on the way to UK warehouse 07 01 19, unless Pimax are telling porkies about shipping dates(as if they would do that?) then something has gone a miss somewhere.


The warehouse goes well?


@Matthew.Xu - were you able to look into what is happening with the UK headsets?

We’ve had a message from Dallas but unfortunately it is unclear what it means and doesn’t give us any answers.



That could mean anything m8


Another day, another empty pit in my stomach as everyone in the UK gets shafted once again.
I’ve come to expect no less :smiley:


7-10 working days they say… This quote was from 18 days ago. You can very clearly see the first box is labeled UK. Units for other countries in Europe are labeled EU, so this definitely for the UK.

@Dallas.Hao @Matthew.Xu
So I’ll ask again. Where are the units for the UK backers? Why have these units shipped 18 days ago not been delivered to any UK backers? What is the status of this box in the picture?

Matthew you said you was going to ask your colleague regarding the UK batch because you were worried. Has there been any update on that?

EDIT: Oh wow I took a second look at the picture. A ton of these boxes were for the UK. Look at the back end of the line and you will see another few boxes labeled for the UK. This is getting more and more worrying.

I counted at least 6 of these boxes were labeled UK and 2 labeled EU.
Please give us some answers!


What im concernd about is, acording to some EU backers Pimax have marked the headsets at a value of £120,customs arnt stupid,, maybe they have been seized? If so prepare to wait much longer. Im just guessing because Pimax won`t give us a good answer, just the coffee machine replies.


Lots of things go missing on the way to the UK - even footballers! It’s like the friggin Bermuda triangle here.


sounds optimistic, i read in an other forum about an deliverytime from 3 weeks from SH to UK…was posted from an Backer who get his Headset before christmas


Yes, but euro backers in the same batch got their headsets last week


I’m not too sure. Looking at all of the posts from @Dallas.Hao for the shipping. Not actually many of the pictures had any of the boxes with UK on them. There were a TON of “EU” and a lot of “US” but other than this post containing at least 6 boxes for the UK, there were only 1 other picture what contained one box that said UK that is older than the 7-10 working days.

There have recently been a few boxes in pictures labeled for the UK but they will still be in the shipping process.


This is pretty concerning now, only made worse by the complete lack of any real communication (because even the best translation of the “warehouse goes well” statement, gives literally no relevant or useful information). Also concerning is when I checked the ‘backer tracker’ google sheet (the unofficial one), the latest person in the UK to actually receive their hmd was on Dec 19th and they were backer number 254! Just another UK backer here still waiting on their headset and frankly pissed off at the complete lack of information/communication.

Edit: Also, any excitement to actually receive the headset has all but gone now too knowing we’re likely going to get a hmd with black dots all over the screen too we’re going to have to wait even longer for them to ship a replacement.