[Replied]Dear Pimax , where are the UK backers headsets?



the first spreadsheet said 01/07 SH for my number and in relation to the times Pimax told us it sounds good it will arrive UK this or the following days. We all just want our stuff and thats why we lost our head and want it immedialety.

my prediction many will be happy this week and getting an tracking number. Doesn’t matter if UK or EU.


quick, someone call david icke. my pimax fell into the reptilian dimension.


It was u guys that decided to Brexit. Thought u knew that cutting yourselves off from EU was going to have consequences :wink:
Ok prepare for incoming flames in 3.2.1 go


these topic drivin me nuts when it comes to the externals controllers etc… The Headset will go through, I am pretty sure but whats happend later.


It’ll make no difference to us, their warehouse is in the UK already, but think of all those lovely taxes and export duties we’ll be able to charge to all the EU customers :stuck_out_tongue:.


Off and what,a drexit anyway 0 :crazy_face:


Smart, got to make the huge promised windfall of cash by Brexit happen somehow :+1:
All your headsets(base) are belong to us.


Well that clears that up… :roll_eyes:


Yeah it’s easy to misunderstand , but he probably meant “you will get the tracking number after the warehouse has received the headsets”


That’s kind of assumed (although granted some are received after end users get them). What I mostly mean aside from the backwards wording is this tells us nothing, a month has gone by for some and this is not the poor clarification they deserve.


Pimax is very clever, they know that the more uncertain a reward is the happier people are when they get it because of higher levels of dopamine released. In other words, they just have your best interests at heart.

Maybe took it a little bit too far, the information provided to backers is truly not what is expected in 2018. Pimax could have done a lot of little things to improve the situation but chose not to.


People in the UK. When you received these sets, which carrier did they come through and were they customs cleared?


DPD (lol good luck with that), they are not customs cleared as far as backers are aware. The bulk shipment may have been, but individual units going to specific addresses do not technically exist until they are processed in the distribution center.


There seems to be loads in the uk waiting on a shipment i was told 12 days ago it was arriving at uk depot but still no details


I noticed that Pimax usually use delivered instead of shipped, if you read it this way, it makes more sense.


Just be grateful its not Yodel! :wink:


At least then we’d have an explanation as to why they’re all missing :wink:


Yodel literally means ‘lost’ in several countries.


still muddy then :smile:


Seems like PimaxUSA is going to be looking into why the UK batch is being delayed.
It’s been 19 days since a batch with at least 6 boxes of units were labeled for UK delivery as I said in my comment above. Hopefully PimaxUSA can find some answers for us! :smiley: