[Replied]Dear Pimax , where are the UK backers headsets?



At least we should be able to understand any answer we get lol


@PimaxUSA - many thanks for checking.

Did you find out what is happening in the UK?


Yeah can we have an official word on the location of uk units,as their on route still after over 2 weeks is wearing thin.


Thank you @PimaxUSA - will be good to have a clear answer as to where our headsets are.


Ok. I have your answers on the “UK” issue. A fair amount of HMD’s were shipped and arrived recently in the UK. Thing is the UK location is also being used as a warehouse for a fair part of the EU. Additional HMD’s were also shipped behind the shipment that landed recently that contain more than the entire 5k+ userbase in the UK.

A considerable percentage of the recently landed UK devices were used as replacements for devices that required repair or replacement. In almost all cases a new unit from the warehouse was simply dispatched to the customer as a replacement. This depleted the available UK supply to cover the deliveries.

The good news is a shipment is on the way that should arrive at the transit location in 8-10 days that contains more than enough for warranty and deliveries.

I know you would have wished to see different information, I felt the best policy is to make sure the information you receive is correct and clear.

UK backers lies
UK backers lies

Did someone mention 3% failure rate, or am I mistaken.
Doesn’t sound like 3%


You are indeed mistaken. That is not a value I’ve ever used. I used TWO values one for cracked cases and one for the overall percentage - neither number was 3%.

[Pimax Official]Special gift for backers! Thanks for all of you guys

Okay, thanks for clearing that up.

And thank you for the prompt answers, much appreciated! :beers:


What a load of bull . The wait never ends .


Even though it’s sad news I am really, REALLY happy to get a actual response. Thanks for clearing everything up, we all appreciate it!


Honest info like this is very appreciated.

Would like to know the same for when 8K backers can expect to receive their HMDs


At least it’s the truth and the facts with a real attempt at making it as clear as possible.


What about the HK delivery?


Dallas mentioned that transit to the UK warehouse takes around 7-10 days. Am I wrong to assume that they have been recently shipped?


Where are the Australian units being shipped form ? I was told they were coming from the UK then I was told they coming from HK .


Thank you for the clear info at last - whilst it is disappointing that replacements were prioritised before us earlier backers, it’s great to know things are moving and we’ll be getting our headsets soon.


I was told 14 days ago mine had arrived at local warehouse a week later im told its on route to local warehouse and be patient,now im told another week later that its on route to uk and would take over another week to arrive at local warehouse.does the left hand actually know what the right hands doing.


Ps mine was a replacement so thats also incorrect as was told mine was ready to be sent but never was


The replacements were for earlier backers with faulty headsets


The good part is my replacement will be from the later batch,its just all this different info from different sources