[Replied]Dear Pimax , where are the UK backers headsets?



Thanks for the reponse PimaxUSA
But bloody hell, it takes the urine :rage::rage::rage:


And you believe that ?:rofl::rofl::rofl:


The next post after CNY end of february we will read is that our units have been used to fulfill preorders but there are enough Units on the way to the transit location in 8-10 days that contains more than enough for warranty and deliveries.


I mean we have no reason not to believe it. What @PimaxUSA said seemed to be honest. He chose to not lie or beat around the bush and just tell us the actual reason why UK backers are not receiving their units. He chose to give us the REAL information even though he knew for a fact many of us would be annoyed, which I can respect.

I’d rather have this sad information than what we have had over the past 2 weeks which was lies and worries about the units what were clearly shipped and never sent to backers. At least we now know the reason and we can have some piece of mind.

It would have been nice if the others from the Pimax team could have told us about this weeks ago when we were asking everyday, but at least we have @PimaxUSA who in one comment has provided us with more information that the others combined over the last 2 weeks.

I don’t see why he would have a reason to lie about the next batch of units after he has already been brutally honest with his information.


They must be replacing the UK plugs when they are replacing continental units. You guys are heroes, taking one for the team.


At least i dont have to keep checking my emails now in anticipation of the tracking number pimax told me i would recieve 2 weeks ago thanks for clarification @PimaxUSA just hope its true as theyll be shut down for 14 days when due


No, you are correct,and i appreciate PimaxUSA`s honesty, just so peed off rite now with bullshit we have been told for the last month nearly,and how Pimax always stated that they ship by backer number e.t.c.
Thanks PimaxUSA for the info :slight_smile:


Yeah it’s a pretty crappy situation. It’s not a great feeling knowing that your unit as backer close to #1200 may be used as a replacement for backers in the #6000 in countries around Europe instead of being sent to you.

And like you said, the false information given over the past month has been awful and is not appreciated. Hopefully some of the Chinese Pimax team take some notes from PimaxUSA on how to properly handle situations like these.

This whole situation does mean though that our units may be in a later batch and due to this may have the stronger housing and better quality control. :smiley:


so another 3-4 weeks giving extra time for processing and dpd etc.

ok, at least we know where we stand.

lets hope were not at the end of feb saying the same thing :frowning:


And no black dots :grinning:


I was going to add that but it seems that information about the black dots and the newer built units is till up in the air. Don’t want to get my hopes up just yet :smiley:

Crossing my fingers that it’s true though :crossed_fingers:


The new UK delivery will arrive to UK warehouse during Chinese New Year. Does that mean that it will have to wait for Pimax team to come back from holidays to arrange local (DPD) deliveries to the UK backers?


if this is true maybe we will have the new headsets without black dots. i hope so.


ok so now, can we officially say that’s they LIED to us ?
this is unacceptable @Dallas.Hao @Matthew.Xu
lost all the trust in you.
just wish to get my headset and forget about you.


I’m just so glad nathie has my Pimax and has put it to such good use :joy:


I smell bu ::hit all boxs supposed to have backer numbers on so no uk backers will get theres as numbers now dont exist another survey prohaps


basically, i couldnt change my headset to 8k in 26 december because they said they sent my headset to wharehouse. 14 january i ask where is my headset and they sayd they should send in the next batch. and now so it seems, that they used our headsets as replacements. so why the hell i couldnt change my headset to 8k?

I hope at least can get the new 5k+ without dots.


I don’t think this is the case. If Pimax had been using the headsets in UK WH for replacements, then there is only Serial Number on the box, and Pimax has been arranging the EU and local deliveries by this SN, not the backer number. Otherwise they already lost control of the process.


That’s completely pants!!! Will this at least guarantee us the later plastic version??


Because this is what happen with lies…sry