[Replied]Dear Pimax , where are the UK backers headsets?



i see you later guys because really fuming what a bunch of bullshitt!!!
thanks @PimaxUSA for clarifying this for us.
Got no words for what i feel right now, they would be nothing without backers and they do that?!?!?!?
Yeah…Culture i guess…FFS
Vocal man is back :rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage:


I dont want to sound like the selfish one here but why should I wait even longer while my unit goes to some one else as replacement? Am I the EU supllier for broken units now? Why can’t they wait for a replacement unit from China if there’s one ‘already on the way’?

This is absolute bullshit!


Any contract in the real world would have been void a long time ago.



Thanks a lot for providing these answers, you cleared a lot of confusion. If it’s possible, can you please help us further:

  • can you please check with Pimax if the UK local delivery will be arranged during holidays or we had to wait until the holidays are over?

  • to confirm when UK batch will arrive to UK warehouse?

  • to confirm what face cushion types are available and how we can receive or order them (as a KS stretch goal)?


Pimax claims to have enough stock in UK warehouse, so now i want them to contact warehouse and send us our headset, then everyone in the queue would be delayed but not my fault.
@PimaxUSA @Dallas.Hao @Matthew.Xu @the Papa if can help


I dont mind the backers being sorted before the replacements what i do mind is being told ill get a tracking number any day (15 days ago) and wasting my time chasing it up for 2 weeks when they knew all along it was atill in china and litterally only just sent


lucky you…had that message 3 weeks up to last week.


i had that message more than one month :sweat_smile:


i feel you mate…


Let’s get real . There will still be backers waiting for headsets well into March .


Comon @Dallas.Hao @Matthew.Xu, we know you are round.
What do you have to say about this ???


Could be longer if they send replacement to other backers


Yeah 90% of backers buy the end of April .


My replacement and a few others at the time came direct from pimax, not UK warehouse… so at least I know I’ve not got someomes hmd redirected…:thinking:

A bit rubbish if that did happen elsewhere though as not all replacements are urgent DOA’s, especially at the cost of making people wait 6+ weeks beyond backers with much higher numbers.


I wonder if the replacement units will also take priority over pre-order units :frowning: I just hope the delivery of my backed unit wipes away the memory of the frustration through this KS campaign.


I suppose you might be right.


Tbf ive backed a few kickstarters an if you think this ones been bad,id stay away in future as this kickstarter has been pretty successful compaired to pretty much everyone ive backed lol,its just the misinformation thats annoying


Bloody hell you are psychic :face_with_raised_eyebrow::star_struck::crazy_face::slightly_smiling_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face:


Yes I agree, I meant frustration of the poor communication issues throughout the KS campaign and not the successfulness of the KS campaign itself.


The transparency is appreciated. The challenge seems with be with consistency in the facts and context. A great example of this is getting an email last week saying that pre-orders are shipping out in 7 days.

That means very little given the fluid context. Is that pre-orders leaving your facility in China? leaving the distribution warehouse in china? leaving the regional global depot overseas? Depending on the answer, there is a respectable time window associated with each junction.

It’s reasonable for a consumer to receive that email and assume they can start getting ready and excited for their unit. However, in “pimax world” that means very little as the individual receiving that email, me for example, could be waiting well into march with no real visibility.