[Replied]Dear Pimax , where are the UK backers headsets?



i would be very worry if was an 8k backer…
If they do the same then they could wait a lot longer if some 8k’s goes faulty…



Hi Pimax I would like to back your new Kickstarter for the awesome 8k+ but can I send you the money like in 12 months because I don’t actually have a job at the moment, I’m working on it. If I get a job is it OK if I delay payment until I get chance to carry out a survey on which bank to transfer the money through? If that survey goes missing can I do a second or third survey? Finally if I get all the money together can I use it if any repairs come up on my house, my house is my priority? I’m sure you’re a patient company as I am Kickstarter backer and won’t mind waiting 18 months for the money while I get my shit together. I promise to keep you updated every day as to my situation. No bullshit, honest. Maybe you can give me a job, huh?

Be advised


Pimax prioritys get the replacment 5k units out first .convert all 8 k backers to 5k then mess with heads , send randomly after supplying very low backer numbers ,prioritise by none uk countrys ,pretend to lose surveys to push more into 5k , further delay 8k units ,send uk backer units to other people aready converted to 5k ,make more uk people wait ,pretend 8k units now a priority ,tell people there is further delay get more converts ,enjoy nothing but your my own existance ,last one sounds like truth and thats what im doing

I cant take this seriously anymore


Yes the only info from Pimax that you can believe is the tracking no that arrives after the headset :crazy_face:


Well, that’s my mood set for the day, bloody annoyed :rage:. I was really hoping that I might see my headset before my birthday in February, after being reassured that all of the UK backer headsets were in the warehouse ready to ship. Now I know that was untrue as we played second fiddle to the EU, and that it’ll be several more weeks before I get a headset that stands a fair chance of being faulty out of the box.

God I am so pissed off right now.


It definitely feels like some bizarre student psych evaluation test strung out over a two year period…

On the one hand plus points to Pimax for making their returns and replacements policy to get top priority, the knowledge that if I’d got a unit that had a fault, as a backer they were making the best effort to give me a functioning unit is reassuring.

But; on the other hand, there was so much talk of units being legitimately sent in backer order and that promise is what has stung them the most. I think if they had replaced lower backers with higher backer units it might have been slightly easier to swallow but the fact that it all got jumbled and that UK units arrived to the UK but then didn’t get sent out is a real sticking point.

Look, nothing we can say here is going to make a spot of difference. We can just hope that when the next payload of headsets arrives that DPD gets a message from head office to complete the UK orders first. I know the anticipation is killing some of you, but once they arrive you’ll all go quiet on these forums for a while! Look at @allocen he’s hardly on here now he’s got his! Haha


Notwithstanding Kevin’s refreshing bit of honesty…

I just Google Translated this from English to Traditional Chinese and back to English and got:

“The UK warehouse is going well and they will send the tracking number after sending the headset.”

Makes a bit more sense.


Shout out to @PimaxUSA for the customer service!!

Honesty is always the best policy, I can’t think of a circumstance where I’d be more annoyed by the truth than by fudgy responses and misdirection.

I understand the desire to quickly resolve problems for those who have had the crushing experience of finally getting their headset and it being broken, and then would theoretically have to wait until every last kickstarter had been shipped to receive any support. I’m torn; if I were in that situation I’d be grateful to get a replacement quickly… but at the same time, we’re suffering here for the sake of everyone else it seems. :frowning:

Anyway here’s hoping it won’t be for much longer! 8-10 days isn’t so bad. @PimaxUSA when you say “enough for warranty and deliveries”… you DO mean “UK deliveries”, right? :smiley:


While I appreciate the transparency from @PimaxUSA, this still doesn’t explain why backers all over Europe are receiving their hmds with backer numbers in 3&4k while those in the UK with 1k backer numbers are still waiting. Now we’re told the headsets sent out for those with 1k backer numbers are instead being used to replace the 3&4k backers’ hmds that need replacing???


Brexit isn’t fun for EU backers either because if the UK crashes out of the EU in a few weeks there could be logistical problems getting supply from UK into the EU.


Brexit crash out - UK backers unhappy.
Non crash out - UK backers unhappy.

We’ve had over 40 years of being in the EU look where it’s got us.


We were probably just unlucky in that one or more boxes marked UK got selected for use as replacements rather than using a box that contained headsets for higher backer numbers.


Actually i was waiting for my RTX 2080 to arrive, and it did today, my prev gpu was almost on fire, i pushed it so hard it started to have artefacts lul. Cant wait to install the new rtx gpu so i can properly test and than make a review about my happiness with 5k+.


I’m happy not being at war with our European friends!

That’s a great EU success story right there.


Sorry that’s got to suck too, especially if there’s a no deal- deal. All levels of shit ahead…


Not on about the marked boxes tbh, I’m on about multiple backers with 1XXX backer numbers from the UK in this thread claiming not to have received their hmds, meanwhile look at all the posts over the past couple of weeks of people across Europe with 2XXX, 3XXX and even 4XXX backer numbers claiming to have received theirs. All those went through the UK warehouse


Well, some boxes are marked UK and some EU. All go through the UK warehouse.

It seems likely from what we have heard from PimaxUSA that they simply used the boxes marked UK for the replacements and they haven’t, so far, received any new boxes marked UK yet.

Whether thats right or wrong is a different matter.


Yeah, I’m one of those 11xx backers.

The UK warehouse will have had a number of shipping boxes marked “5K+ UK”, “5K+ EU”. Say the warehouse had:
“5K+ UK” (UK Backers 1100-1183)
“5K+ UK” (UK Backers 1210-1290)
“5K+ EU” (EU Backers 1101-1176)
“5K+ EU” (EU Backers 1180-1220)

“5K+ EU” (EU Backers 4000-4100)
etc. etc.

At some point when Pimax asked the warehouse to ship out replacements, someone decided to set aside one or more of the UK shipping boxes to use as replacements rather than taking them from the boxes containing the HMDs for higher backer numbers.

I expect it’s just a case of Pimax not thinking it through or poor communication with the logistics/warehouse company and just bad luck that UK boxes got selected (maybe they were stacked at the front so easiest to get to).

A more “fair” approach would be that each time a replacement request came in to take it from the highest numbered backer that they have yet to ship. I can understand why this didn’t happen though - it’s a lot of manual work and not something a logistics company is going to be keen on doing.


how much do we believe the 8-10 days for new stock? sorry pimax your credibility is wearing thin.


Your guess is as good as mine. For the moment PimaxUSA has my trust so I’ll go with that number.