[Replied]Flicking white dots 5K




Please submit a SUP ticket for us.
also i have sent a email for confirm.
if it confirmed, we will send you a replacement cable for you.



sorry for late reply
We have replied on SUP and by email.
Please check it.
We will send the replacement cable for you.


Yes, I replied to him and then posted here.

I’m happy to wait for a new cable, but could it be a headset or graphics driver issue?


It is possible it could be a gpu driver issue. But likely not. Posting your gfx card & druver version would allow folks to compare.



I7-4770 (Want to wait for Zen2)
16gb Ram
EVGA Gaming XC RTX 2080 - 417.71
Corsair RM850x

It appears in every game - in every environment (Steam Home, Piplay Home).
So i don’t think its system related.
I will report back after i got the new cable, thanks @Sean.Huang.

I have also tried the tin foil method. -> no luck
Replugging everything -> no luck.
Tried it on a different system -> no luck
I have ordered a usb and displayport extension @amazon -> will report back


We can’t create account for submit a SUP ticket.
Signup is not currently available”

I have same problem " Flicking white dots"


Which headset did you receive? Backer or pre order?


Pimax 5k+ backer #5592 and I have one dead pixel :frowning:


I been trying to explain this to them lol. They just keep asking for the sup ticket number


Sorry to hear.

@Sean.Huang can you look into support desk?

@Dallas.Hao please add to earlybackers


I also have the flickering dots issue, and have not been able to create a support account, so I have emailed Support@pimaxvr.com.

From my email
I have tried each of these, most at least twice :

  • different pitool

  • different nvidia driver

  • different displayport

  • reseat all leads in PC

  • different power sockets

  • different usb ports (2 and 3)

  • shielded box where leads meet

  • added ferrite beads to all leads

  • added a displayport lead extention between pc and pimax lead

  • reseated lead in HMD

  • contact cleaner in all accessible contacts

MY PC case is closed / shielded.

Note I do not have access to another PC with displayport so I have not tried that.



I’ve been able to create a support account now.



Edit 2 : video below. Will also add to my ticket :


For me it’s not possible create an account… Same message:


Signup is not currently available


Just got my headset and also have the flickering dots…


I got my PIMAX5k+ a few days ago (Backer #5720) and I immediatly noticed the sparkling white dots all over the screens.
When I start the pimax there are only a few white dots and after some minutes its getting worse and the dots looks like little colored meteroids. It sounds like the common problem reported here in the forum of the broken cable.
I tried to put an aluminum foil over the linkbox, like one member suggested. Its a little bit better, but not gone.
Of course I tried all the other workarounds, but unfortunately nothing helped.
An other issue I have is a short black screen every 20-30 sec. I think/hope its also an issue with the cable.

@Heliosurge I am backer and got a 5k+ Germany

@Sean.Huang SUPEN-2054


hi all,
i got my 5k+ at friday last week and have the same problems like “rennsemmel” and other.
I am backer(5648) and got a 5k+ Germany
SUPEN-2068 @Dallas.Hao (add earlybackers)



I have had my Pimax for a few days now and I also have the issue.

My support number is: SUPEN-2116 @Dallas.Hao

Looks like a batch of faulty cables.


Just got my 5k+ preorder (P12XX), super impressive other than the flickering issue that looks exactly like many of the videos posted in this thread.

Support: SUPEN-2118 @Dallas.Hao
HMD: 5k+


  • Re-seating the HMD cable
  • Plugging in the cable to another DP on the PC
  • Wiggling the cable in general
  • Pretty much all other suggested solutions in the thread
    Still flickering.



same problem here with the 5k+.
I can use it however it is annoying because the effect is getting worse after the System heats up.

In an other forum entry I saw that a guy wraps aluminum foil around the cable distributor part where the power is plugged in to alleviate the flickering until the case is solved.
I will give is a try, all other activities do not have an effect for me.

My Support case Nr.: SUPEN-2106 @Dallas.Hao

Everything else works fine - exept the Knowledge that some sims are poorly optimized for next gen VR.


Are you a pre order or kickstarter backer?


I tried the tin foil and the Rankie DP extention cable suggested from @REDxFROG.
Its a bit better with both, but after a while the twinkling lights come back.