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I’m backer no. 4759 and I received my 5K+ last week in Canada. After hooking it up, I noticed sparkling pixels, like glittering snow flickering all over the display. I tried removing the cable and reseating it many times, but the problem is still there.

The problem looks exactly like that problem from another user: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SjjflcvHZYs

I emailed support@pimaxvr.com but no reply yet. I can’t open a support ticket because I get an Error when I try signing up: “Error Signup is not currently available”


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@Sean.Huang @Doman.Chen @Alan.sun can someone look into the support page please.

Likely need a cable replacement


I am a preorder guy,…


Attention all with white sparks

My PC had a problem of current leak, felt it when touching the metal parts of my PC case, also my TV acted up when the HDMI from my PC was connected.
Also my TV was showing occasional red flickering on 4K content from PC

Bought a new PSU, no help.
Turned out to be my Logitech G27 wheel was the culprit !
G27 connected to mains + PC = ~110V between the PC case and ground (edit. or between the g27 set + PC atleast)

Disconnected it completely and everything is normal. TV working as it should, havent checked if the red sparks are gone too.

So, to debug the sparky situation, I recommend you to disconnect everything unnecessary from your PC before requesting a new cable. It might also help to ground your PC case.

Edit2. luckily the amperage is something like 0.0002A, take a few digits and I wouldn’t be teasing you guys here.

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Good catch might be time to buy those power conditioners for media equipment. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


While this (current leak) might be one of the reason for the flickering sparks, obviously the Pimax cable isn’t the best quality. One user apparently had the sparks removed by a good quality extension cable (because of the better insulation in the PC end?)

Edit and yes the high bandwidth content seems to be more prone for the EMI interference. regarding the red sparks on my PC -> TV it was visible only at 4k@60hz.


For 3 days I still can not create an account!!!

We can’t create account for submit a SUP ticket.
Signup is not currently available”

I have same problem " Flicking white dots", I have one dead pixel and NOW I have an other issue I have is a short black screen every 20-30 sec.

I am Pimax 5k+ backer #5592

Please HELP ME I want to create a SUSPEN for my cable and my deadpixel!

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Unfortunately you’ve done what I can do. Not sure what the hold up is.

@Doman.Chen can you look into the support site please?


You can send your message to alan.sun@pimaxvr.com


It’s done thanks! @Doman.Chen @Heliosurge


Also have had the same issue, thanks to this I have contacted Alan, thanks!


Hi, backer 5252 here and I’ve got the same white dots issue. SUPEN-2166

Also, my screens appear to go black every now and then, sometimes 30 seconds in between, sometimes only a second or two.


I have same thing, flickering white dots and occasional black screen, SUPEN-2159


This is starting to feel like a huge batch of headsets have the flickering white dots issue.


5k+? Backer or pre order?


5K+ pre-order…20chars


I also have the same problem, flickering white dots …
I attached a video
check supen-2205 please @Doman.Chen


5k+ backer or pre order?


he is my brother…Backer


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