[Replied]Flicking white dots 5K



@Alan.sun , hi alan,
maybe that helps, yes, I researched the internet … flickering pixels were already in the past with cell phones, monitors, etc., the causes were mostly poorly shielded cable, or power fluctuations in the image processing processor …
Greetings Ralf


Could some people with the money/time/nerves and the flickering pixels problem try to fix the problem by uisng a DP extender cable?

it works for me perfectly.
I have extended the DP cable twice with this cable (2x1,8m=3,6m)
Works flawless and the flickering white pixels are gone.

I’d like to know how many more people can fix this problem with the cable, so please reply if you have it.
The cable seems high quality, it’s VERY thick and is gold plated.


I have tried displayport extension with no improvement.

I think it’s the exact same one you link.


5k+ headset i presume?


Yup, correct. 202020


Hi @Sean.Huang!

I got the new cable in just a week with tnt -> Thanks for the fast delivery!
But - there is no improvement with it - there are white flickering dots all over both screens especially at dark places / loading screens / dark overlays.
They are most of the time just white flickering dots and over the time they get rgbw!
Either they are rgbw all of the time and my eyes just see them clearer over time or there is a contact / connection / electro magnetic interference which gets worse over time.

The new cable HAS NOT solved the problem!
Were the exchanged cable been tested with your QA Team or were they just taken out of some boxes from the supplier and sent to me / us ?

@Heliosurge, @Alan.sun

Thanks for your support!


Your welcome. Bit definitely a good question. Replacement cables need to be tested until the supplier is established to be supplying quality cables again.


I am really not happy at all !!!
I have no answer from anyone!
It’s been 8 days since I can not create an account to make a ticket to support!

Always the same message:
“Error Signup is not currently available”

I wrote to alan.sun@pimaxvr.com but I did not get an answer …

Now I hear that the cable does not solve the problem ???
I want a replacement Pimax and not waste time waiting for a cable!

@Doman.Chen @Heliosurge @Alan.sun @Dallas.Hao @Sean.Huang @Pimax-Support


we will reply to you soon,please check.


Yeah I have seen a couple of posts saying that the replacement cable doesn’t solve the flickering pixel problem . Does this mean it’s actually a hardware fault ?



I am also waiting for a qualified reply from the support for a week.

I opened the ticket on 19th feb, the same day the 5k+ arrives and i sent a video on 20th.


If Pimax is sure the cable is the problem, send one I can exchange it. Otherwise I am waiting for a replacement unit.


I have the flickering dots also and they get worse the longer the headset is running. My biggest problem is I can’t make a ticket as it won’t allow my to sign into support. I’m stuck…don’t know what to do.


Unfortunately there are lots of folks waiting fir responses in forum & pm.


Possibly though like headsets probably shipped a faulty cable replacement.


Yes it seems there having trouble fixing their support site as they keep saying it’s fixed & it is not.

@Dallas.Hao @Doman.Chen @PimaxUSA @xunshu


I’ve managed to access support…again just randomly. I’ve also added a video of the flickering dots so let’s hope this will be sorted. I see some people have received replacement cables and still have the flickering dots. Do you know how many people who have had the flickering issue solved by a replacement cable?. I’m worried it’s something more serious as surely the dots would be there as soon as the headset boots? With me they are not there at the start and get progressively worse the more time the hmd is running…confused.com


I’m going to be crazy!

I answered Alan, he answered me once and now the mail address does not exist anymore…

I’m trying to create an account to make a ticket to support but I still have this error since 9 days:

I made a video for my problems (Flicking dots / Dead Pixel / Short Black Screen)

Give me a solution please!!!

@Doman.Chen @Heliosurge @Alan.sun @Dallas.Hao @Sean.Huang @Pimax-Support @xunshu


Yeah it seems they still haven’t fixed Alan’s email or support site.

@Doman.Chen @Dallas.Hao


There might be something wrong happened.
Can you resend the email? Alan’s email status is good now.

He will answer your question and give you solution asap


Hi @Dallas.Hao ,

I have resend and I did not get an error message I hope @Alan.sun will answer me.