[Replied]Flicking white dots 5K



For changing brightness you do not need to restart anything. Just alter the pitools setting onthefly.

Sorry that nothing helps. The other usb/more power/twist cable may be still worth a try


I am having similar issues: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SjjflcvHZYs

No idea how to fix them. I even tried with another computer. :frowning:


@Greyan Yeah that’s the exact same issue that I’m facing :frowning:


That sucks, maybe open a support ticket


Please submit a support ticket so @Dallas.Hao & team can monitor ticket process. Pkease post supen number here.

Which headset did you receive & date please.


Hi @Heliosurge, I have already submitted a ticket. Do you mean you need the serial number of the device? I received the 5K headset and it arrived on the 24th of December at my work, but only got it connected to my pc yesterday.


Please give your question number,we will confirm and reply you ASAP


Hi @Dallas.Hao, the number is SUPEN-753


i had a similar issue with random white dots (without the whilte flashes) when I connected my Pimax 5K+ to my MSI gaming laptop with a GTX 1070. The same Pimax 5k+ runs totally fine on my desktop PC with an RTX 2080 Ti. My Rift runs fine on the MSI laptop connected via HDMI. When I comect my TV with 60 hz via mini Displaport to Displayport and Displayport to HDMi adapters I don’t see random white dots. So my only guess is that the frequency (90 hz for the Pimax vs. 60 hz for the TV) has an effect. I would recommend to connect the Pimax to a differerent computer with the minimum required specs and see if it shows the same issue.


My support ticket number is SUPEN-775


Same issue here. just got it [Pimax 5k+] today and tested, flickering whites… how do I fix it… sigh.
My ticket number is SUPEN-1115 @Sean.Huang @Dallas.Hao add me to @EarlyBackers


Which headset did you receive? Added pokes to your post.


Pimax 5k+. I think dev’s working on it so should play other games until it finished.


my solotion on the shielding problem of the linkbox seems incorrect
i notice when i light bend the cables on the linkbox the jitter change
so it haft to just a bad linkbox insted.


My video evidence, support ticket on going.

[Replied]Pimax Headsets Do Not Track After Upgrade

Get my Pimax 5k+ and tested, i have Black dead Pixel in the field of view. Please help…

My ticket number is SUPEN-1128 @Sean.Huang @Dallas.Hao add me to @EarlyBackers


I have exact the same issue with the dots and other issues like black dots and on the left lense it
shine from the upper und lower edge bright light. I reported that to the support and my new glasses are already on the way.


I had random flashing pixels (can’t swear on colour) but it seemed related to pushing IQ to far. Maybe it is bandwidth related?


Which headset did you receive & date plz.


@Dallas.Hao @doman.chen picture posted.

My ticket number is SUPEN-1128