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Wanted to chime in and let you know that I’m convinced both of you have the same issue as I have with my 8K: which is a defective cable. Since I had an 5K+, I was able to check with another cable and it worked flawlessly - so it’s 100% cable issue.
See here:


That’s good to know. @Matthew.Xu, @Pimax-Support, @Sean.Huang I want to make sure you’re aware of this issue (random snow on screens) and solution (replace defective cable).


Hey all, log a ticket with the team. They’ve been in touch with me and have a new HMD being shipped to me. Will let you know if it fixes it. Just make sure you log a ticket


First headset, not found this issue. Just get new replacement and found this issue. Will try to swap the cable.


Here we have the same problem. Two Pimax 8K.
Mine and one of my friend.

Now we are five persons in this thread with the same problem.

Is not all the time. Is only when it want. We tried everything.

It appears that is not problem from panel, because the problem appears in both Pimax 8K and 5K+.


I don’t know if it can be a hardware issue… but it’s strange that we both friends have the problem and talked about that. It’s notorious. It was the first think we talk when we talked about our test.


It’s possible that a different issue could cause the same symptom. It’s not so strange. Pimax could have received a batch of semi-defective cables. It might not have been noticed by QA, since QA is focused on headsets and might not be thoroughly testing the cables.


Yes. We received the HMD at the same time. Now I have another problem. In the border of the lens I have a blue line. Very bright. Anyone knows something about this kind of issue?


Blue vertical or horizontal line? Sounds like a possible pixel driver issue. If this is the case(verify with support) that would be a defective panel.


Ok I solved it. I switch connector to another Display Port, and move a little the cable in the HMD. And I get rid of the white flickering dots and the blue lines in the borde :smiley:


Awesome. Sounds like than maybe a video card issue on video port?


The Korean user said after the replacement with an extra power supply, the white spots disappeared.


Yes @park was mentioning this to @bubbleball. This suggests that some of the wall psu are maybe not sheilded properly.

Another user had what appears to be a defective cable. While another seems to possibly have a bad port on his gpu.

All great efforts on folks debugging issues. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Hello, I have in my Pimax 5K + flickering white dots. Sometimes they are stronger, sometimes less. I have tried all ports of my graphics card (2080TI). It’s always the same. Have now opened a ticket. Is there any news on this problem?

In SteamVR home i have In Steamvr home I now have only 65-70 FPS and colored dots that fly like small flies through the counter. Every few minutes, the picture becomes dark for a very short time.


looks like a cable issue. [Solved]Backer #342 Pimax RMA #2 unit arrived. Screen flickering dots, another faulty unit!


Just wanted to confirm that my new HMD has arrived and there are no more flickering dots. So big thanks to the Pimax team for sending it through :slight_smile:


Hope there is a homemade cable solution from some crafty users out there. 3d print the sleeve and solder a usb-c adapter.


So today (1 hour ago) I could pick my second 5k+ at DPD pickup service. This is pledge #247x.

Immediately after pluging the cables the very same way and on same connectors on PC like I did with my first 5k+ (#110x), i immediately noticed the white dots/pixels flashing all over the screen like shown here in video noticable more on darker background. Unplugging (as gently as possible) and replugging both cables on the headset and PC made no difference.

Only thing that helped was using the cable of the first headset! First there was some other horizontal lines/artefacts, by pushing the connector on the headset a little more (even there was a noticeble light click noise when the connecor connected) now the image is fine and clean. so it must be a defective cable, I assume!

Pimax , please check the cables before shipping, also the extension ones!

Now I hope to get new cable as soon as possible.thx!

@Pimax-Support @Dallas.Hao @Alan.sun and others from quora team

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Have you submit this issue to service desk,They will arrange this after confirm.

Sorry about the inconvenient.


I just filled up the support ticket, as yesterday I had to go to work immediately after i plugged the headset for a quick try and I didn’t know the requested firmware and pitool version. And unfortunately when I got back home in the evening there was a burglary at my place. Fortunately only some goldpieces of my girlfriend were stolen and no harm to my Pimaxes were done.
Thx for taking care, also about my change from 5k+ to 5k BE! (For the other pledge)